I have a duplicate notification stuck in my Mastodon Notifications tab, and it keeps adding more of them, about one per second 🤕

@Gargron welp!

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Not sure. A spammer would have to do this pretty consistently for the past hour. You could automate this via the API, but what would be the point.

@raeaw Any idea what's going on here? Did something weird happen on your side when you favorited my post?

@fribbledom @sowth not sure what's happening, but when i try to visit ur account on the tusky app it says there are no posts

@fribbledom @Gargron Having the same error. Specifically, it happens to me when I have multiple Mastodon tabs open


Tried a page refresh of course, but that's not helping. It's also happening on the API feed level.


@jb @Gargron

Afraid I now had to block that user to make it stop. I still don't think it's their fault, tho.

@fribbledom @jb @Gargron maybe they really really liked your post (which I had missed and will look up now because it looks like up my alley)

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