I really wish I could power my Pis with PoE. There are shields for that purpose, but they are just a bit too clunky.

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Thinking about it, I wish I could power pretty much all my devices over PoE... either that or wireless energy. The day I get to rip out all those cables & wires will be glorious 😅

I recently bought a 15€ POE to 5V microUSB adapter online for just that purpose and it works great!

But they are at least as clunky as shields. 😐
I too wish the Pi4 had gone even further in integrating POE.

Actually the shield looks much cleaner in terms of space needed.

While the external adapter may fit in better with existing cases since it remains outside.

@fribbledom i use poe splitters, i have like 10 pis dangling off of a poe switch

@fribbledom there are some led lights/sensors that do that and the base lives with batteries. So you always have lights regardless of power.


I was wondering if someone could make a box that connects with USB-C and combines power, an Ethernet switch, and KVM switch.

Bonus points if it also supports USB power management.

(USB-C can negotiate up to 100W while POE+ goes up to 25 watts.)

802.3bt (PoE++) can do 71W, but ain't nobody has switches like that ;)

@zhenech @fribbledom
My searching only turned up data on PoE and PoE+ it didn't mention PoE++

But ... the built in KVM switch would be really helpful, and I think USB C can also do 10GB.

Probably the main weakness is USB-C would be a lot shorter range than twisted pair ethernet, but it'd be pretty awesome for people with multiple computers on their desk or communication between hosts in a rack.

@fribbledom the cables will never let you go! THEY are your master now! 🤓

I'm a bit unenthusiastic about wireless power because either the device must be in precisely the right spot (might as well plug it in) or the efficiency is bad, or both. Plus expensive hardware.

Also prefer wired to Wifi because it's stabler, safer and faster. But PoE ... don't care about my desktop, but laptops and anything smaller? sure!
A USB-C dock is nice but a "hub" would be nicer: power, ethernet (and more?) for several devices, via 1 cable. Way faster than old GbE, too.

Wireless power would be great, but alas we don't have it since he had an '''accident'''. We could be streaming videogames from Mars if it wasn't for the FBI.

As for PoE... I'm not sure what to think of it. You need a splitter, the outlet needs a splitter, everything needs a splitter (like, no way to set it up at a rented house or that kind of stuff?). If it comes down to mixing the two channels, I'd far prefer EoP instead.

What bothers me most, is that power and ethernet are not on the same side of the PCB. Otherwise the cabling would look nicer.

@fribbledom PoE is ~50V so some clunkyness with DC-DC conversion is to be expected.

@fribbledom you know rock pi? If I remember correctly they can do this.

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