"Trump honors golf stars with presidential medal of freedom in closed ceremony following Capitol violence"

I'm glad we're still taking care of the really important things here 🥳

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@fribbledom my headcanon is he just rolled down the window of his limo and tossed some pieces of metal at some old golf buddies of his

@fribbledom That's actually been a bit of a thing here because the golf star (one of them) is swedish. It was planned to happen in march and I thought it was strange then. But obviously was postponed until now wich isn't less strange to me 🤷‍♀️

@fribbledom Why do euros care so much? Oh, that's right, they depend on the USA for protection. Stop complaining, serfs, lol.

@TallTim @fribbledom Or maybe because the leader of the world's best funded military, by a huge margin, is a petulant man-child who can barely string together a coherent sentence, yet somehow managed to con millions of idiots and/or hateful assholes into voting for him. Tone down the arrogance, sucker.

@RawphullCawpter @fribbledom If your argument requires special-effects levels of situational arrangment "millions of conned people" you're just rationalizing reality instead of observing it.
Its like saying gravity is really the earth sucking things down to it using its big lungs. Observed fact, rationalized into something nonsensical.
And as for the EU - my god, your leaders just signed over all your assets to the Chinese totalitarian regime with their agreement. Hope you like rice, and jail.

@TallTim @fribbledom After insisting but never proving he only lost because of cheating, he incited thousands of people to carry out an insurrection during the certification of electoral college votes, where the police were filmed moving barriers to let them in, allowing them almost completely free reign of the Capitol for hours while at times chanting to hang Mike Pence, and the dumb bastards still couldn't figure out how to pull off a coup. How many more wish they could have been there?

@RawphullCawpter @fribbledom Something you don't understand is you can't deplatform or delete an idea. Anyone who thinks this "Night of the Long Knives" will achieve anything positive is an absolute fool. Don't cry when this turns out to bite you in the ass.
As for protestors, I don't support those that broke the law. I do support the right to redress grievances, however the partisan courts have blocked that, too. Even if you don't agree with them, you have to realize this just makes it worse.

@TallTim @fribbledom Trump appointed more federal judges in one term than any president in American history except ONE according to Breitbart. He has personally appointed over a QUARTER of active federal judges. It's not the courts' fault he doesn't have a case.

@RawphullCawpter @fribbledom I think it runs deeper than appointments. The courts are notoriously shy about taking on cases that have to do with voting. It doesn't help, of course, because by avoiding settling the issue in the court they just push it out into the street. I frankly think they're too cowardly to consider cases of that nature.

@TallTim @fribbledom Oh, so it's not about partisanship at all, there are just some issues the courts won't touch. Except when the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, several challenges to it and constitutional voting amendments through history, the 15 active cases pursued by the FEC, and the many cases Trump successfully brought to court to allege election fraud but lost due to complete lack of evidence. In some cases, the lawyers refused to make the claim themselves once in court.

@RawphullCawpter @fribbledom Yes, I see CNN trained you well. This isn't going to go away. You've been warned.

@TallTim @fribbledom Oh, 100%. There's too many of them that have been living on a steady diet of hate, fear, and complete and utter bullshit from their seditious leaders and media. They're going to do something to desecrate the values of their country, they'll laud each other for being patriots the entire time, and they'll do it in the name of the biggest shit stain to ever defile American public office.

@RawphullCawpter @fribbledom If that is all you get from the effort to plow under 47% of the country, then I truly feel sorry for you. Bigger things are at work here, besides "your guy" winning or not. Try to see the large picture.

@TallTim @fribbledom "bigger things are at work" all you've done is spout vague, ominous crap. Sounds strong, bet it makes you feel smart for being in the know on it. Load of horse shit, though. The right lost because they deny science, embolden racists, and act like plague rats. Other countries get to go on with life, but we're still at over 300k covid deaths because the right are petulant children who won't accept minor inconveniences like masks to save lives

@RawphullCawpter @fribbledom Yes, you repeat the talking points well without understanding what is going on. Hey, I tried. Good luck.

@TallTim @fribbledom No, no, that's the vapid shit you've been dropping. Hurr durr China, deplatforming, CNN. I cited hard facts and once even sourced it from right wing media. You're just desperate to project your own mindless repetition on me to protect your ego. You're following a shitty con man, even after he threatens the foundation of our democracy. I tried to be understanding for 4 years, but then they erected a gallows and tried to capture congressmen.

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