I just got a shiny new mouse pad! Trying to keep it clean and pristine, whenever I see a speck of dust now, I furiously wipe it away immediately.

It's a lost cause, really πŸ˜‚

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> I just got a shiny new mouse pad!

"pics or it didn't happen" πŸ˜‰

@fribbledom LOL
Old me would have freaked that it wasn't at least rolled up nicely. Current me is all "meh."

To be fair, I use a trackball, so a mousepad is mostly unnecessary.

@groovestomp @fribbledom a pile of rubish? You're not alone, everyone has this, but not everyone uses it as a mousepad.

@fribbledom use trackball so that, instead of cleaning the mouse pad you will have to clean the ball and the bearings :-D

@fribbledom last week my mouse started to act evil again, and I got really frustrated and angry, took the mousepad, put some dishwashing liquid on it, got a large brush, put under the tap and cleaned it. Then let it dry. Now it's NEW AGAIN. Just sayin'.

I was too cheap to buy a mouse pad, so I duct taped a piece of cardboard to my desk XD

At least it's easily replaced πŸ˜…

@fribbledom how big is it? just a little clot or full on desk covering size?

@fribbledom I keep a swiffer in my office to fix that problem πŸ˜€

@fribbledom I've had the same one for about 14 years. It's stainless steel with a Teflon coating from razor πŸ₯°

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