All v3 onion addresses offline:

"It appears that somebody has made their own client implementation and it fetches its dir info in a very rude way. If anybody knows details of it, please do let us know."

@fribbledom wait, what? I read the email but I don't understand what it's talking about. Could you summarise it here? Why are all v3 addresses offline?

cc: @hackerncoder might be of interest to you.

Both the original link and the wayback one only produce three spinning thingies for me. Noscript reports no blocked scripts.

@resynth1943 I already know, seen about it on Reddit. Although I didn't read about it.

It is to be expected when trusting a few. Adding more DAs would increase the likelihood of 3 ([magical number]( being able to talk together and therefore produce a consensus. But then we just run into other problems with trust and how many should it be, and all that other jazz. I'm just going to leave it to the Tor devs to figure this one out (like I do with everything else)

@hackerncoder @fribbledom well, hopefully we get more of those... authoratarian nodes, or whatever they're called.

It's kinda worrying how Tor is so centralised, tbh.

@resynth1943 Directory Authorities.

Yea, but it's not that bad of a system. Especially considering the requirements. It could have been worse.

@hackerncoder @resynth1943 @fribbledom

Now I know how the average user must feel when some cloud service I've never heard of is down :-( #InfrastructureApocalypse

Luckily, v2 onions or other traffic aren't affected. But one thing is clear, #Tor needs to be made even more resilient.

(Noticed the problem yesterday and there's still precious little background info out in the general public, not even an announcement on

I'm looking forward to the full post-mortem.

@hackerncoder @resynth1943 @fribbledom Ah never mind, they've found the problem, done something about it and made a toot: (and I should've followed the link at the beginning of the thread). That was quick. #Tor is still the best! 👍

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