This isn't really 2021, is it? Feels like we've just discovered the 13th month of 2020.

maybe too serious 

Well,,, time being contiguous... events are just keeping on their "trend" if I may

Calendars are fake... so yeah, different day, same shit
But not really either

@fribbledom people making up names 'cause they don't know of Undecember


I never liked Undecember, because it implies our calendar is entirely broken. We'd need to move December to the 10th month and shift everything around 😆

@fribbledom well, things will not change just because it is January 1st.

@fribbledom It's still March 2020, just like the previous decade.

@fribbledom Well, we all knew it would get worse. It doesn't change until We The People change.

@fribbledom there's been some confusion about this and some consumers have ordered the wrong year, but this year is actually 2020 360. 2020 One is next year.

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