@fribbledom I was really sure that the game would just instantly greet me with a huge "You lost" screen. What a pleasant surprise. That poor koala at the beginning broke my heart though.

@t_aus_m @fribbledom I expected the same. I was mildly disappointed, at least until I saved an adorable koala.

And then it got a little too real and I had to bail.

@fribbledom This is a different take on "game of the year" but I'm OK with that.

If it doesn't work you need to disable ublock origin.
For a moment I thought I was fooled ^^

@fribbledom I was using Fennec (Firefox App from FDroid). Maybe I had weird rules.

@fribbledom But as it says on the website, mobile isn't really the best platform. I wasn't able to do the last level there, there was too much lag. On the desktop it's perfect though. The game is really cool!

@fribbledom Doesn't work here even with #uBlock deactivated. Just a pure light-blue website.
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