I feel like I'm old enough to stop writing "Hello World" programs.

Will switch to "Bye World" which seems much more appropriate.

@fribbledom I prefer to go with "My hovercraft is full of eels." now-a-days. That or "Spoon!". :D

@fribbledom You should come have a whisky with us at

@m15o side note, I love how I opened it via WWW and it was immediately obvious to me that it can be accessed over Gemini, even though there's no mention of Gemini on the home page

@fribbledom that ils a bit dark. Are you planing retirement or something?

@fribbledom Does this mean you've solved the halting problem? :o

@fribbledom My problem is that I'm old enough to stop writing "Hello World" programs so I switched to writing EPUB and PDF generation systems based on Markdown input files.

@fribbledom I tried "Go fuck yourself roughly with an unlubricated baseball bat while choking on a fish bone, World" last year, but my laptop battery died before it finished. The tragic ballad of old, second-hand hardware.

@fribbledom @bortzmeyer Plus the world might die before you, so that's appropriate.


package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
fmt.Println("Bye World!")

@fribbledom I once wrote a Goodbye World program that printed “Goodbye, cruel world!” and then deleted its source code.

@fribbledom I feel like if you do this it should be implemented in a cleanup routine which means the first thing you learn with a new language is going to be signal handling or exceptions or what it uses instead of goto, so this would be a good practice actually.

@fribbledom For example:


bye() {
echo "Bye, World. :("

trap bye EXIT

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