@fribbledom ok, I thought so. Not in the west or north, right?

An icy landscape is only beautiful when seen from far, not when you live in it.


It seems I've been able to avoid it for weeks now 🤣

@fribbledom so jealous. i keep thinking i need to move farther north so i can have snow again.

@fribbledom Where is this taken from? Doesn't seem like a drone shot, but a building that high doesn't really fit the surrounding neighborhood.

@fribbledom Interesting. Never been to Augsburg before. Still doesn't fit, but nice retro-style. Do you live there or are you using the hotel?

@fribbledom @Chaos_99 spannend zu lesen.

Steht das jetzt also gerade wieder teilweise leer?


Nein, mit Ausnahme der Corona Pandemie (Hotelbereich) herrscht voller Betrieb, soweit ich informiert bin.


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