"Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love"

-- Pete Cordell

@fribbledom and then nodejs packages are like boys band songs?

@fribbledom but this is a BETTER song about love, using the latest cuddles protocol and enhanced UI (user infatuation)


"Everything has already been said, just not yet by everybody"

-- Karl Valentin (translation from German)

@fribbledom Strongly disagree. A good C library to parse midi files only needs to be written once.

Sadly, C libraries aren't exactly written well enough and need to be done several times before someone finally gets it right.


Sounds like you're strongly disagreeing with your disagreement 😄

@fribbledom Songs about love are different though. It's complicated and can be viewed from many perspectives, relationships aren't all the same, and songs can be written throughout any stage of the relationship.

Songs about love are a goldmine.

A midi parser software library that actually works and actually has decent documentation only needs to be written once. Also yeah, I know it's impossible to find software with decent docs, but it can still be done.

@fribbledom Having worked on too many projects with a cornucopia of dependencies, I beg to differ.

@fribbledom If the quote is about programmers’ propensity to reinvent the wheel, my experience has been the opposite: programmers too quickly jumping on third-party libraries and creating a spaghetti of dependencies.

@fribbledom In that vein, the typographer Tobias Frere-Jones says that we'll stop needing new fonts just as soon as we'll stop needing new music.

@meowgorithm @fribbledom I think all these analogies are bad.

With no new fonts I'll get by a long time without caring, I've never needed to comission a font.

With no new songs I can keep discovering music my entire life.

Without new software libraries it is hard to make use of new software/hardware/technologies.

I'd prefer a world with new everything, and yes many new libraries are 100% useless, but the analogy is bad.

@meowgorithm @fribbledom Isn't this the truth, or a painter about a portrait, or a designer about a login screen. Sometimes the effort of creation is the entire point. We grow by doing it ourselves.

@fribbledom Pete's just jealous that he can't name his project X because X Window System already exists. 😜. Jk

@fribbledom "Yeah, but doing it this way gives me finer control over it." - Me, every time

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