Me in front of the monitor: "I'm so tired, can't think anymore."

Me in bed: "I'm so bored, can't sleep now."


Me in front of the monitor: "I'm so tired, and i got work later...."

Me in bed: "I'm too awake, thinking I'll miss work if I fall asleep now...."


Interesting, is that so? I'm honestly curious if you got further insight here.

I think this is how it worked out for me for the past 30 years or so.

@fribbledom That's why I usually read like 10-20 pages of a book just before zzz. It does help to put your mind away of the current events.


Instead of any of the 1000 things i had on my mind, tackling that state has been my project since May.

I'm making progress, I think... reading before bed can help, also getting enough done during the day that I don't feel like the Day was too short. But also enough quality spare time. But also some unstructured downtime. And also some upkeep. And a few minutes in the morning to get going ... wait, there's not enough time in a day for all that...

...and still it's the right issue to tackle because you can only keep that late-night productivity mode going for that many decades. At some point you (well, I at least) become utterly useless.

@fribbledom That would explain the verbal spew about Bitcoin energy use in the last 24 hours.

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