I really need to find a way to work from my bathtub.

In my place, we make an extension bench to work from our small kitchen, is the warmest spot atm.

@fribbledom Might be a little bit dangerous with the electricity so close to the water.

@fribbledom mount rhe computer to the wall and get one of those rollable membrane keyboards.

@fribbledom Same here 😂 worst case scenario is that if my laptop falls to the water ill get fried and don't have to go to work...hmm might be a problem solver🤔 . *yells in the background* "honey prep my bathtub and charge my laptop" (JK lol)


I get it, you're just kidding, but besides breaking your notebook, not much would happen here. You certainly wouldn't feel a thing.

@fribbledom Yeah that was also the joke 😅 . The laptop is not powerful enough to kill you but you will feel some thing

@fribbledom Ebay solves every problem. Its a magical place where you can get almost anything on a decent price 😁

@fribbledom also Ive heard the if your into Linux people says that the lenovo thinkpads are the perfect match. And they are super durable to like a tough book

I have gotten a bunch of laptops latly, i do love them, but a thinkpad is missing from my collections, i have used them and they sre truly great laptops

@fribbledom how many hours can you spend working in a bathtub?

@fribbledom there must be waterproof laptops out there. The rest seems like a fairly trivial problem

@muesli My advice: use your time in the tub to relax. Only things you should need in the tub are music, a drink and perhaps a good book.

@fribbledom Context: Apparently one time when he was suppose to write one of the books of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy he instead took a lot of baths.

@fribbledom Here's my bath tub desk, made from a board, a stair banister rail cut in half, and four screws. I stained it dark so it would look Executive, and it has served me for hundreds of hours

@fribbledom That shelf is definitely on my to-do list. Tilted, with a place for a small towel. Hard to explain the smell to company IT when I ask for a replacement for that drowned Thinkpad, but worth it.

Just change your job to something like giving adult baths or winetasting

@fribbledom It's quite easy! Now, putting water in the bathtub, that complicates matters.

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