The US plans to:

- reenter the Paris climate accord

- halt border wall construction

- reverse the travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries

- re-engage with World Health Organization, will join global vaccine effort

What a difference a day makes.

@fribbledom what I care is what China CCP the swamp would actually take ,that's the centerpiece

@Chrisleon27 @fribbledom how can you still believing CCP crap they say? listen the next 4 years it will be the same but 'Russian'.

the traitor is inside, the same skin/language w/ you.

It would be interesting to see if he will stop the notion, that vaccines produced in the US should firstly be used in the US. As I heard this is why there is not so much vac in the EU now, because fabrics in the EU produce for EU+World.
(of the 'western' vaccines that is)

@fribbledom vaccine is just a farce.

dollar will fall, they'll use vaccine as a trojan horse to install id that tied you w/ the new digital currency.

it's slow and painful process.

It's the old conspiracy theory about putting tracking microchips into people with the vaccine, Bill Gates is responsible, etc. Like people aren't already tracked through their phones? Why go to this trouble? It's laughable.

@normandc hi! ofc I see the topic

Im more interested to an elaborate argumentative from a fellow Liberdon mastonaut. It generally gets kinda.. "refreshing" lets say


Ugh, to each their own I guess.
Besides, I seriously doubt you'll get one (elaborate argumentative), but based on your reply, I'm now pretty sure you knew that already. 😉

Just reading this person's toot and profile was enough for me. Life is too short to waste it with fruitless discussions...

@fribbledom who cares about any of that i want high speed rail and cheap housing and affordable healthcare and i want my $2000

i could give an absolute fuck about border walls or vaccines i can just buy it it's not that expensive, but 70 percent of the median american's income goes to rent-seeking costs such as housing, healthcare, transportation, which the government should be doing for us the way china's does.

how are americans supposed to be competitive in the world market when you have to pay 3x the rent there? 80 percent of bank loans stateside go to real estate megacorps. Break up the cabal!

@fribbledom The problem with doing these by executive order rather than legislatively is that they can just be overturned by the next gal.

@rickwayne @fribbledom That's the trouble with Trump doing it, and of course the trouble with reversing it. How is the process, is there some way you can easily bring an executive order to a vote so that it stays? Or is that completely separated from making legislation?

@jens @fribbledom It's not fair to blame Trump. He did it because Obama did it. Each president this century has set a new record. The steady increase is a proxy measure for the failure of Congress.

There is no direct vote on an executive order. It's really a bureaucratic tool and not a way to make new laws. It's not hard though. The president just has to ask someone in Congress to introduce a bill that says basically the same thing, which happens all the time.

@rickwayne @fribbledom I'm not really blaming anyone; that was more of a reaction to someone earlier posting how fast it is to undo some of the things Trump did. That's why I started with that name. Context I did not mention.

I figured as much, though. Just get someone to introduce it. That would be the sane way to get executive orders ratified, effectively.

@jens @fribbledom The problem with something like the Paris Accords is that the Constitution says "[The president] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;"

If the Senate doesn't ratify it by a two-thirds vote, we're not *really* on board.


@jens @fribbledom

This may be the only case ever where I agree with the statement "it's not fair to blame Trump". I might have had a hard time accepting the executive orders from Biden if the entire country wasn't in such a calamitous state and things need to be fixed ASAP.

@ScottMortimer @jens @fribbledom Maybe I misunderstood this reply, but I wasn't saying anything about whether this was good or not, just that it's not really a "fix." Folks outside the US might not realize that an executive order is just a patch, and only one that applies to the activities of the government. That was all. If everyone knew that already, then my comment was ill-placed.

@rickwayne @jens @fribbledom

Actually we are in agreement. I prefer the legislature making appropriate laws rather than executive orders, but sometimes they are necessary.

@fribbledom The Republicans are having a shit fit over this

@fribbledom to me is just losing 4 years every time to do the exact opposite of your precedent government lol ( an extremely polarized political system is not efficient)

@fribbledom Just wait for the book burning, the seeking of political enemies for revenge, the formation of a stasi-like entity to 'snitch' on political wrongthink. Yes, what a difference actual fascists make.

@TallTim i dont get why you troll him.. i thought he was an og bitcoiner when i came here but he sounds like just another it nerd so ive gone back to my default position of ignoring these things

@vbhide Just reacting to his progressive bullshit. No big deal. It was amusing for a while, but I realize he's too far gone to be salvaged. Going into the /dev/null pile.

@fribbledom @TallTim Can't tell if you are talking about the hyper centrist Biden? Or being a Poe
@fribbledom We must weaken the power of the president again so we don't have this kind of damage again
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