Instagram's design on the desktop is fucking claustrophobic. I got a 4k screen and they give me a 360x360 pixel box to scroll through the comments.

Yeah, yeah... mobile first. That doesn't mean you have to hate desktop users tho.

@fribbledom hating desktop users is kinda instagram’s whole brand. they resent having a website at all, they want to be app only.

Stay clear of this site. So many anti patterns it hurts.

@bekopharm a badge they wear with pride. that’s what makes them so cool and hip*

*in 2011

@fribbledom It's "mobile first" in the same way white nationalists are "america first", there's an implicit "we hate everything else" there ;)

@fribbledom How does @pixelfed compare?

(I just follow it, I haven't tried it yet. And, anyway, since I'm I can't try Instagram and compare...)

@steinarb @fribbledom @pixelfed I've never been on Instagram and therefore don't know how bad it looks on desktop, but I'm really pleased with the look and feel of #PixelFed, even on my 4k monitors. Makes sense however, as the project seems to be focused on the web version and there is no official app for mobile :pixelfed:

@fribbledom I really hate to see that this trend is catching on. How did everyone get convinced that this super restrictive and proprietary application is the place for artists to be???

@david @fribbledom Because the big restrictive companies hire a lot of artists. And they promise the artists they don't hire copyright: "You get rich, when you become famous".

It won't be when parents and grandparents discover it 😜

It looks like teenagers dislike what parents embrace. Pixelfed can be a place where parents and children are encouraged to use different instances which don't federate 🤪


@fribbledom I think it is not only "mobile first", it is "mobile mostly and we will only give you crippled desktop web version".

@fribbledom I like instagram. I like how they switched to mandatory log in so if I'm not paying attention and click on a link and it takes me to the Instagram log in page I can think "Phew, Thank's Insta, dodged a bullet there!" and then close the tab.


I am generally very anti-Instagram. That service appears to propagate some very harmful behaviors on the web, including the common grievance I have with just about every Facebook-owned service.

If somebody sends me a link to a piece of content on the web, and all I get in the response to my browser request is an opaque login-wall or a completely blank page that doesn't work without cookies/JS whatsoever... then yeah, the content probably wasn't worth my time anyway.

@fribbledom the mistake here may lie in interacting with Instagram in any way, as opposed to other options like physically confiscating all hardware it runs on for immediate incineration

Not saying that you're wrong but have you tried using mastodon on desktops? 😬 Left-aligned claustrophobia in its purest form.

@seeyouindisneyland @fribbledom Yeah, using a custom stylesheet which makes the columns wider.

@fribbledom This is why I’m kind of excited about iOS apps on MacOS. The phone form is more appropriate for certain things.

@fribbledom I am using 80-90% zoom on the most websites. I hate modern website design so much

@fribbledom not to mention randomly removing features from the web version, only for those features to magically reappear if you change your user agent to a mobile device and squish your window a bit

@fribbledom unsurprisingly, this is why i don't use instagram.

that, and i can't even post art up to my instagram if i'm on desktop.

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