Even the future isn't what it used to be...

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@fribbledom I gave up on the future after the organizer of the local futurist meetup told me that the future is realpolitik and the best way to speculate about it is to find the gang with the biggest guns and meanest foot soldiers and ally yourself with it as quickly as possible.

That and when they were crowing about Elon Musk’s Starlink, I asked them what you would do to repair it if your internet connection was broken or SpaceX went out of business, I got back blank stares followed by a “... what?”

@fribbledom It never was. No one takes into account the long tail of technology.

@fribbledom New complexities, new dependencies, until it all falls apart. We have no method to recognise a peak and stay put.

I gave up on the future when I realized that I lived in the future and didn't have a flying car.

@fribbledom Given the future is what we think it will be, as our thoughts change, so does our thoughts on what the future will be, so of course the future changes.

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