"Should be fine"

-- Every programmer ever

It should be illegal to post this without content warning.

@fribbledom except those of us who struggle to release because we're constantly terrified we missed something (because we definitely did; hopefully it wasn't too important. But it was)

@fribbledom “This is a bit of a hack, but I don't foresee any problems with … oh no”

@fribbledom Very true, although I think my favorite is "Wait, that worked?"

@fribbledom "How late do you stay up? I'm sure this won't take long."

@fribbledom every Architect too 😂 I’ve seen my share of site issues!

@fribbledom only when my mind has been whipped for years into thinking the way that Microsoft wants me to think can I get to the point of competency with their tools that I can claim to be 98% confident in anything I build with them

@fribbledom sorry I just hate needlessly complicated, unpredictable trash I have to use at work

@fribbledom the anxiety of never fully trusting yourself or your tools feels really toxic

@fribbledom "You just have to pay a fine"

-- Every SEC action ever

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