The Buzzer (4625 KHz) is doing interesting things currently:

You can tune in here:

You can read more about it here:

@neko @fribbledom Wikipedia says so: "The Pip possibly broadcast over UVB-76 various times on 1/27/2020, and again on 1/29/2021. "

@neko @fribbledom Ah, that's funny. It's the 30th for me, so I was confused

@waweic @fribbledom i should probably make it whatever date it is at the broadcast site but as a murican i dont think about that

@fribbledom That is an interesting sound indeed. For people not listening to it, what I assume is its normal buzz is only going briefly every couple seconds, and there's a repeating beeping sound, maybe another station given that the WebSDR seems to need a higher gain to pick up the beeps clearly.

@fribbledom I don't know much about these so maybe what I'm describing makes more sense than it does to me.

@alexbuzzbee @fribbledom , this repeating sound seems to stop 5 minutes ago and just now it began doing weird things with usual buzz, with this sound sometimes hearable.

I've took a look at a Russian forum discussing it, they were talking yesterday about The Pip in the Buzzer's signal, seems to be it?

@fribbledom I was a big numbers station follower a long time ago. Hadn’t heard the buzzer in a while. Thanks for the tip , re: recent anomalies

@fribbledom It's apparent that the Buzzer tone's are to indicate when that station is *not* sending any messages. So anything being sent while the tones are occurring is outside interference. When they want to send a message in the past, they've turned the tones off during the message, then back on. Clever way of doing it since only they can turn the tones on and off.

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