Programming made the impossible possible. You can have a null object and a constant variable.

@fribbledom You just know this invites a "well actually", don't you?

@fribbledom And then there are the languages where you can have a variable constant.....

@fribbledom Heidegger and Taiji as expressed by electricity running through magic boxes. Truly spiritual experience.


human languages are full of contradictions
even if those languages are for controlling computer hardware

also, both of the statements you provide could find resonance in buddhism. the heart sutra contemplates form and emptiness as the same; and there are plenty of discussions about the singular constant in our world: change

as for making the impossible possible, that's imagination

not quite sure why your original toot lead to this mini-recitation ... thank you


@fribbledom ah, good old constiables (Not to be confused with letiables)

@fribbledom I've been called, constantly null quite often. Nothing new. 🤭 🤪

@fribbledom You mock my " const float pi = 3.141592; " but this tells me you've never witnessed someone storing Pi in an actual signed integer variable before

... and I envy you

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