It's been 11 hours since the release of Go 1.16 and Arch still doesn't have it packaged 🤣

Starting to question my distro choices...


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@fribbledom Maybe the maintainer is busy or ill. Is the maintainer paid or voluntary ?

@fribbledom .oO(is it really "packaging", if you build it yourself anyway?)

I'm on Debian Stable, so I'll start worrying around 2022.

@fribbledom I've switched to using asdf to manage versions and it already has go 1.16

asdf is a great little tool

@fribbledom I mean... it could be done at Ubuntu's speed. You might be lucky. :P

Does Arch have something like Ubuntu's PPA (private repos?). If there's something I need quicker updates on, I use one of those -- otherwise I'm fine with Ubuntu's slower release schedule.

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