The Arch experience:

1. Update entire system
2. Reboot with new kernel
3. New updates available!

...and I actually love it for that 🤗

@fribbledom If I may ask -- what is the net advantage of having an Arch system? Is it because the sw is better and you have more control? Thanks for explaining 🎇




- rolling release
- simplicity of its package management
- AUR repository for user-contributed packages
- you configure your system to your needs, the system gets out of your way
- its wiki


- if you fuck up, you fuck up

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Although fucking up is something which can be undone with the help of the wiki most of the time.
A friend of mine installed arch many years ago and has been mirroring the installation on new devices since then, which required very little work so far (at least that is what he told me).


Oh yeah, absolutely. I had been using the same base Arch install for more than 10 years at some point.


@fribbledom @daniel
Many thanks -- I understand!
Wonderful, though a little scaring too, if you're not an expert ^_^'

@fribbledom I haven't had a worse repairing experience with ArchLinux than on other distros, quite the other way around

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