I've just tried to solve an advanced chess puzzle, and after half an hour and almost giving up, I realized I tried to solve it for the wrong color 🙈

I'm sure there's a programming metaphor hidden somewhere in here.

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Sort of related but my late grandfather had Alzheimer's and I played chess with him in his care home and he would forget which side he was on, and start playing the other, and when corrected he would very quickly switch back and work out a next move. It was pretty amazing.

I think coding analogy is that often you should spend more time thinking about what problem you are actually trying to solve before you get too engrossed in solving it.

@fribbledom "Wait, I'm playing as white? No wonder the board looked like it was upside down." -- Magnus Carlsen


Indeed! Feel free to challenge me, I'm @mueslix over there.

@fribbledom I see that you're quite a bit better than me, I'll keep training and then challenge you

@fribbledom Our lives would be simpler if we joined Team Bugs?

@fribbledom I once had a friend who'd decided to work on optimizing a kernel that he'd inherited from a previous project at work. He ran a profiling tool and found a code path that was responsible for the overwhelming majority of the execution time, so he set out to optimize it. He couldn't understand why he wasn't seeing performance improvements. Days later, he realized he'd been optimizing the hell out of the idle loop.

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