🎉 Owncast 0.0.6, an open-source live video streaming service is out!

Biggest changes:

- completely configure and manage your settings via the admin interface

- build your own integrations, bots, tools and customizations on top of Owncast with the 3rd party APIs

Also check out the new website:

@adam @dave this project looks awesome. Seems like a self-hosted open source Twitch alternative. Is there room for a <podcast:livestream> tag in the Podcasting 2.0 spec?

@mitch @adam 100%. I think the latest thinking on this is to incorporate that into <podcast:alternateEnclosure> in some way.

@fribbledom I can see a typo in the CPU section “Reduce the to...” instead of “ Reduce it to...” 🙂

@fribbledom This looks amazing :wow_miku:

Adding this to my collection of anime streaming options with StreamNight, OvenMediaEngine and Lightspeed :bolbhyper:
@fribbledom I installed it this night, I will test it during the weekend
@fribbledom before I had ngnix + a js player. But not having a chat made it pretty useless.

@gustavo22soares tu viu que to fazendo meus streamings numa instância owncast agora?

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