Round 1, Match 11 of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships!

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@fribbledom Wow, that's a close one. I haven't used either, but I've never heard of OCaml. I did do quite a lot of Java back in the days and would really love to get my hands dirty in the Kotlin world, but haven't had the chance yet.

@fribbledom ugh, I don’t want to vote for an arrow language and I don’t want to vote for anything built on the Java VM either :-(

@shibayashi @fribbledom Any language where function signatures look like A -> B -> C -> D. ML and Haskell are the most popular examples. I don’t like them. I think they’re unreadable and also it’s a design error to rely so heavily on currying and argument order.

@fribbledom voted for OCaml, because kotlin isn't FLOSS enough


Do not know Kotlin but I learned to love the hidden beauty of OCaml.

@fribbledom wtf?!
Having a public that prefers Kotlin to OCaml is reason enough to scuttle one’s Mastodon account.

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