16 languages made it through to the 2nd round of the Programming Language World Championships!

Here are the match-ups:

@fribbledom BASH vs. Javascript? This sounds like it'll be interesting.

@fribbledom Julia being eliminated in the first round is a real shame!

@fribbledom many avant-garde programmers here! Java, C# and TypeScript already kicked out 😂

@fribbledom I predict in the semi-finale: Go vs Python, and C vs C++. The later could also be C vs. Rust.
But who knows ....

@phoenix @fribbledom
I agree Python vs Go! I guess Python will be one finalist.
I amb pretty sure Rust will be the other finalist.

C, JavaScript, Bash, Perl? Depressing...

@fribbledom I bet the next round is going to be Python, Lisp, Lua, Go, C, Bash, Rust and C++ or Haskell (can't decide on the last one)

@fribbledom 13 out of 16 of these are the correct answers. :-)

@fribbledom I think I might have a clue how some of this is going to go. Watching eagerly.

@fribbledom "It's impossible!" - Peppa Pig seeing my favorite programming language matched against C 🤪

@fribbledom Calling Final either Python vs C or Python vs C++, I'm leaning toward C

@fribbledom pretty silly fun, Erlang beats Java but C beats Elixir?

@fribbledom that looks nice af, what program are you using for that?


It's a website where you can manage your own tournaments:

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