Good news, everyone!

Installing duf (the better df alternative) on Ubuntu and various other distros is now as easy as running:

sudo snap install duf-utility


A terminal utility that displays your current disk usage.


A terminal utility that displays your current disk usage.

@captain @fribbledom
to be fair cli apps really suck as flatpak. It's more of a desktop app optimized thing. And yeah, I also dont use snap, because I dont like it.

@fribbledom still kinda mixed feelings about snap..
what do you think of it?


Yeah, same. I guess from a user's perspective it's alright, but I can't shake off the feeling it suffers a bit from the not-invented-here syndrome at Canonical.

@rick @fribbledom Flatpak is the better idea between the two. Alternately, Rust, Go, C#, or Perl Archives (PAR) can bundle code and dependencies into a single binary which achieves the same thing.

@jollyrogue @fribbledom yeah, but flatpak and snap are kinda like docker for desktop apps.. where some devs never update the libs etc packed with it..

at least that's my concern with them.. i kinda 'trust' package maintainers more

@rick @fribbledom cc @popey love Snaps or hate 'em, it gets the app out there and gains recognition, how you choose to install it is one of the great joys of FOSS!

@a1batross @fribbledom

По хэштегу wiki у меня размещены практические статьи про NixOS. Там поэтапно расписано как поставить ОС на виртуальную машину.

@a1batross @fribbledom @Lafiel same! I really like the idea of my entire system just being a series of declarative config files I can tear down and rebuild at will, but... oof who's got time to learn all that?

@rgegriff @a1batross @fribbledom
You can start a little at a time. For example, install the nix package manager on your system:
sh <(curl -L --daemon


@a1batross @Lafiel @fribbledom once you overcome the weird syntax it's way enough to have a well usable system
You don't have to be really smart to use it
Source: myself
might be cool to put it in a "" and link mount points to ""

@fribbledom just wrote a singularity definition file for duf using alpine x86_64 latest. worked on second edit. about 6MiB in size.

@fribbledom Great! Just so you know, duf is now one of my standard utilities on any system I intend to do any real work, Linux or Windows, alongside other great ones like exa, bat, and ripgrep.

@fribbledom I was going to check out your snap, but got this fun pop up. WTF cookies do they need!?!


> terminal program

> snap

Why? Why would you even subject your users to this?

@fribbledom I added an alias to enable colors in xterm:
alias duf='TERM=xterm-color duf -theme light'

BTW: When 'duf-utility' is installed via 'snap' in Ubuntu it shows some local mounts as "squashfs", assuming since it's running within a sandbox (snap), also got this error:
"ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (failed to map segment from shared object): ignored.".

After installing from source 'duf' works fine.

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