@penguwin just managed to make me feel *incredibly* old.

We were talking about computing history, and I realized that he never used DOS or floppy disks in his life. When he was born, these things simply weren't a thing anymore.

Like 👴 talking to a 👶!

@fribbledom My first computer didn't have a hard drive. My first hard drive was 5MB and you had to calibrate it to the proper interleave. It was also large enough that it could be used as a lethal weapon in a fight.

Try explaining that to a kid who grew up with microSD cards!

@sj_zero @fribbledom From my personal collection. The 10mb mdm on the left, I tripped over in the dark as a teen. It won the battle, and my toe still bears the scar to this day

@fribbledom @penguwin I know what you mean. I was trying to explain 8 inch floppies to a youngster not long ago. Also describing the wire wrapped motherboard in the graphics generator the floppies were used in!

@fribbledom @penguwin

I used floppy disks... I've always had one in my purse with my data and projects, just the way today I have a memory stick 🤣 🤣 🤣

@ColoringLife @fribbledom @penguwin remember they were incompatible with bike rides in Danish weather, especially in the winter

@fribbledom @penguwin This will help. I'll bet a dollar you can hear in your head exactly what this image depicts ;P



Still have the source code of my first FORTRAN program --- on punch cards.

does that count for feeling old?

I was going to say I was saving BASIC programs on audio cassette tapes, but you've got me beat.

Also, damn those cassette tapes sucked. Totally inappropriate storage medium.

@olkol It doesn't count because that is rather ancient 😄

@olkol @fribbledom
You had Punch Cards?!
When I was young we had to roll 20 stone of punch tape into the Computer Hall just to boot the o/s... :blobsweats:

I never had to use DOS either. In fact, I grew up with XP and didn't know Windows ME or Windows 98. After Vista was released I started wonder whether XP had a predecessor now that XP has became one.

@fribbledom @penguwin I started out on 5.25" floppies and a 20Mb harddisk in an XT (i8088) at 8Mhz. CGA and a 2k4 modem. Some time 1984-1986 ..

@fribbledom @penguwin ha! Working in public administration, i still use floppy's quite often. It's not just a question of age, but also of circumstance 😂

@fribbledom @penguwin seeing a weird piece of plastic cartridge while at a thrift shop and asking my mum what it is.
"i don't know" she says- then i figure it's really old.
then i find my dad and ask him; he says it's an eight-track. i'd only heard of them and never seen one until then.


A friend of mine is a teacher at a high school. She told her students that when she was a kid it cost 0.2 dollars to send SMS. A student replied 'wow, I think I'd use whatsapp instead'

@fribbledom @penguwin I always feel sorry for those who grew up never knowing personal computing before DOS/Windows. Atari, Commodore, TRS-80, and Apple (II, Lisa, and Mac) were the computers where my school friends and I learned to program.

I always feel that Microsoft's monopoly set computing back 30 years.

@fribbledom @penguwin This was me too. Although I have used floppy disks cause I had a REALLY old laptop that used them.

@fribbledom was this in ref to the pic of those sound blaster 16 disks you posted? yeah i had those disks too and remember the pain of installing those drivers on msdos 6.22

@fribbledom @penguwin - I was just nodding along with you when I suddenly realised you are around 20 years younger than me. I remember seeing my first digital watch at senior school and then later "tada!" a calculator.

@fribbledom @penguwin Fascinating. I did some BIOS updates around the year 2000 by booting from floppy disks, as DOS/Windows based tools were still experimental.

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