Just fork the FSF? 馃し

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@fribbledom Do we use a plastic fork or a metal fork? Or a glass fork? Or a stone fork?

@fribbledom Tradition dictates this one be called the Libre Software Foundation then

@architect @fribbledom
Maybe call it FOSSA?


Yes that was inspired by Focal Fossa.....I'll see myself out lol.

@fribbledom or we could just do without it, there are other orgs out there that can carry on good work for free software (even though it'd be a bit of a bother in practice because of all the licenses and things the FSF possesses)

@JennyFluff @fribbledom
Yes, but it is called a coup.

WARNING: may destroy the original

@fribbledom Legitimately curious whether their having admonished developers into handing over copyright to them over the years will complicate this.

@fribbledom or we can just learn how to get along with each other despite our differences instead of further fragmenting an already fragmented community of free software advocates and developers.

@fribbledom I understand the sentiment, but fsf supports a lot of infra on a shoestring budget (relative to the rest of the tech industry). new leadership would be preferable to watching the whole org collapse. but if the org has to go... so be it.

@fribbledom If you ignore it long enough, it might go away.

@fribbledom But does that make it the Forked Software Foundation or the Free Software Fork?

@fribbledom FSFE has called for all of FSF leadership to step down

@fribbledom the normal naming convention is to prefix an 'e' to the fork (gcc -> egcc, glibc -> eglibc, etc.) and we have the FSFE which is pretty close

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