Only eight languages left!

Here are the quarterfinals of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships!

@bunni @fribbledom just realized your post is a valid perl statement

@fribbledom Go C! The competition between Python and Lisp is going to be tough.

@fribbledom in retrospective I would say the initial combinations weren’t thought-through well enough. It would have made sense to at least have similar languages compete against each other in the first round.

The quarterfinals ended up with a *very* awkward result, in which Bash has won over languages like Swift, Haskell, Ruby, Typescript, Elixir or Erlang. I’m convinced that barely anyone would have favored Bash over any of those languages in direct competitions.

@fribbledom Ugh, Python vs Go in the next round. How to choose, how to choose...

So, the finals would be ''rust vs {python, go}''.

Have you thought about other system like Condorcet ? It would be more long but funnier \o/

@fribbledom I really like the Rust and C++ match up. You know which one I pick 😀

Cómo pudo quedar fuera mi Pascal????

@fribbledom I feel like R really should have made it in to the tournament

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