KDE: "On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation"

This sets the right tone. Proud of KDE.

@fribbledom the fsf is losing credibility at a rapid pace like this,

@aetios @fribbledom it's been an open secret that they're a cult of personality for at least half a decade.

@fribbledom This is the only legitimate concern about the FSF’s decision I’ve seen up to this point. I agree they should’ve been more transparent about this.

@fribbledom Like for real, KDE is not jumping on the Stallman hate bandwagon, but having a legit concern about transparency within the FSF. Good job, KDE, you handled this much better than GNOME and many other free software projects about this topic.
@mangeurdenuage @fribbledom Maybe, but they do have a legitimate point with this tho.
@mangeurdenuage @fribbledom If your software is licensed GPLv3 or later like KDE is, the state of the FSF is very important. The "or later" part makes it so that the GPLv3 can be replaced with any later version. If the FSF suddenly gets someone on board and they change the license to something stupid, your software now uses a stupid license.

@fribbledom that's nice, but have you heard of whatever this is?
maybe I'm late to the party, but this sounds bad.

That does sound worrying. Is there any mention of what the requested changes were? I could not find it in the article and that feels like an unusual omission for this kind of post. Either way it sounds toxic.

@sammorrowdrums @fribbledom I'm not sure about the whole situation as well, but it seems as if whoever made the post is genuine. And it doesn't really matter what kind of changes these were since they could've opened a PR instead of a new fork, no? Either way, I think it's best to just wait for the situation to cool down as an outsider to this.

@Riedler @fribbledom no new news since then — that sounds bad :-(

Could you start a new toot that’s not a reply to another story and highlight me in it to I can boost it without derailing this discussion?

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