Here it is! The grand finale of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships!

Only one language can win this. You decide!


Python is just Ruby but bad

Rust beat Ruby

Therefore Rust will beat Python


@stephen @fribbledom Ruby is Smalltalk dressed as Perl.

Rust is ML dressed as C++

i still haven't figured out what Python is

It's a very valid opinion.
I'd rather prefer Python, but I must admit I have real experience in Python and I've only read Ruby programs.

@alienghic @fribbledom no no, this is the internet. No plurality or nuanced discussion will be tolerated.

@fribbledom Go lost to Python, that had to expected given its popularity but still...

@fribbledom two obese languages with excessive package repositories, but at least one of them has types...

I wonder how many C developers voted Python out of spite for Rust.

@ScumbagDog @fribbledom That's a good point. For me, it's more that Python is the big hammer. Rust is more of a precision instrument. It can make better software, but 9 times out of 10, I'm just going to grab the big hammer and be done with whatever small thing I need done. Especially being close to data science, Python is simply far more mature in that space. A Jupyter notebook wouldn't lose to Rust on ease of exploring a dataset. Not yet at least.

It's not as much an argument as a reference to the last round where Rust beat C with a Brexit margin

@fribbledom pretty easy choice for me. Python is the language of choice for AI researchers these days.

Also sympy, numpy, matplotlib make it mathematica and Matlab but free. It also replaces R, Javascript, and Java for most use cases.

I've been meaning to take a good look at Rust sometime, but first I need to learn some Julia, which is in my view the only language with any chance to replace Python for at least some of the applications I'm using it for.

I know Rust is highly regarded but it's used for other stuff. Don't think there's ever a project where someone has to decide between Python and Rust.

I have set up bombs everywhere here, make PYTHON win or I will blow up the Fediverse :AngeryCat:
Foo Bar Egg Separatists :scremcat:

@fribbledom Now that it’s all over, I would be curious to see a comparison between last year’s competition and this one.

@zwol @fribbledom

While there isn't a better way of comparing them your may visit the following tags

@fribbledom nice competition. done much better than the usa elections.

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