@fribbledom what keycode does this send? Or is it two keycodes?

Very cool find 馃槃

@oiyouyeahyou @fribbledom I've tried accessing that link multiple times now, however nothing shows up, devtools show some 403s. Can you lift the mystery?

@fribbledom I really like that square root key 馃憦.

@fribbledom There鈥檚 an 8-directional pad, and button to change the CPU clock speed right in the middle? :blobfoxconfused: I鈥檓 intrigued by the use case where these things even remotely go together frequently.

@fribbledom that was pretty common on a certain type of keyboards.

from the integrated calculator my guess is, it's a focus keyboard ?
as far as I know those diagonal keys just simulate simultaneous key press.

For exemple :
pressing north-west will send right and up keycode

@fribbledom is that a DEC keyboard? It looks very familiar to me to something I have used in the deep past.

@fribbledom If you paint them green, will they become Green Arrow (keys) ?

馃帳馃幎 I see a white keyboard and I want it painted green
No blue and red anymore, I want them to turn green 馃幑馃幐

@fribbledom and the Turbo boost for when you need to jump past the bad guys roadblock!

@fribbledom Me, looking at my keyboard: ah really? I don't have diagonal arrows? Ok, I don't.

@fribbledom computer keyboard, with another computer build in, nice :)

@fribbledom Is that one of the Focus ones? Mine hasn't got the LEDs on the scroll lock/numlock like that.

@fribbledom Interesting; mine also claims to be a fk-5001 but it has a separate strip of 4 LEDs next to the calculator display rather than on key.

@fribbledom So one idea for a project which I'm sure I'll never get around to, is replacing all the electronics with something more modern; e.g. USB plus a neat display to replace the calculator LCD

@penguin42 @fribbledom Phwoar! There are even little trays to put mint imperials, parma violets, love hearts and fruittella.

@srednivashtar @fribbledom I believe those are actually for a descriptive legend to say what the function keys do for your application 馃檪

@fribbledom also "square root" and yes, I remember machines that had these. I don't think I have any of these any longer, but I ... may check later.

@fribbledom Just needs an Atari joystick plug to complete 馃槃

@fribbledom diagonal arrow keys are cool, but overshadowed by the TURBO button in the middle! Which itself is nothing compared to the key that switches the numpad to a separate calculator!!!

Where do I get this keyboard?!?!?

@fribbledom Streetfighter Keyboard. Especially with the Turbo in the middle.

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