It's always interesting to see how quickly distributions are picking up new software, and how timely new releases get rolled out as updates.

In other news, duf v0.6.2 is out πŸ˜„

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@fribbledom The changelog for this version does not seem to warrant necessarily upgrading. Were there any critical bugfixes that are not listed here?
BTW the new version is already merged into nixpkgs/master for anyone who wants to get it with Nix :nixos:


It inherits a fix for rxvt-based terminals that use a slightly esoteric OSC status response.

@fribbledom The small number of dependencies is great! Please keep!

I liked the duf program.

Is it possible to add filtering of the output by mount point and by filesystem name.

Example by mountpint:
duf | grep /var/data
β”‚/var/data/mnt/Image β”‚ 2.7T β”‚ 43.5G β”‚ 2.7T β”‚ [....................] 1.6% β”‚ zfs β”‚ zbmp-02/smb/image β”‚

Example by fylesystem:
duf | grep ztank
β”‚ /etc/nixos β”‚ 38.6G β”‚ 1.0M β”‚ 38.6G β”‚ ... 0.0% β”‚ zfs β”‚ ztank/nixos/cfg β”‚
β”‚ /nix/store β”‚ 65.0G β”‚ 26.4G β”‚ 38.6G β”‚... 40.6% β”‚ zfs β”‚ ztank/nixos/nix β”‚

@fribbledom I just installed that tonight. What's the changes?


Minor bugfix release for rxvt-based terminals. No need to update otherwise.

@fribbledom Just found this pearl by your post - and like it very much.
Simple with a nice and clean output! Thumbs up!

@fribbledom i just woke up and i read "Alpine Linux Edge" as "Apple Linux Edge" and thought there was some kind of Apple-Microsoft WSL-for-macOS Edge browser shenanigans for a second ;)

@fribbledom Never having maintained a package picked up by distros: do you do any β€œpush” notification, or are they all just polling the repo? And how is this table generated?


Depending on the distro, it's typically a variation/combination of them polling the git repo for new tags, monitoring GitHub releases, and manual updates.

@fribbledom @a I think most of us just subscribe to the RSS/Atom release feeds or announce newsletters and tend to hang in the IRC channels.


Oh, and the table is created by

@fribbledom ah, neat. I like the rounded corners.

Kinda wish it would use the terminal 16 color palette so it would fit my theme a bit bitter (looks like it uses 256 color mode instead?) The yellow is a bit too bright on light background.

Not sure what the best solution is, but I have the same FS device mounted multiple times in different locations on a few of my computers, and they're all shown separately. I wonder if some deduplication is possible there.

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