Anyone remember tag clouds? I kinda miss them 馃槃

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@fribbledom Oh no, you mean to tell me that my #ikiwiki home page full of tag clouds is not totally au courant? I am shocked I tell you.

@fribbledom yes, enabled it even recently but I don't liked it so it's gone again.

@fribbledom I still see them regularly. Executive PPT presentations make frequent use of them.

@fribbledom those days of affordable clouds.
Recall using them on among other services

@fribbledom I think tag clouds were cool. I had an idea once for a kind of tag explorer where you would start with a standard tag cloud, and then you could pin one tag to be always selected. The tag cloud would then reconfigure itself to show only those tags which had a high co-occurence with the tag you had pinned. Then you could pin more to narrow down the search.

@highfellow @fribbledom make it happen but onto any open data source - maybe it could use RSS feeds to build the cloud?

@fribbledom I not only remember them, I remember coding (Perl) a utility to pull data from Twitter, generate the tag cloud as SVG, then render as JPEG.

Predates my current git repositories, as I was going to go back and have a look. But would have been well over 10 years ago.

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