"533 million Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online"

rm -rf facebook/ 😒

@fribbledom just like with any other previous such site, just on a much larger scale


That's fine, Facebook's security model seems to rely on a+rwx.


Hat das irgendwann Konsequenzen oder bleibt das wieder auf irgendeinem Schreibtisch in Irland liegen? @bfdi


rm: cannot remove 'facebook/': No such file or directory

@fribbledom Vielleicht gibts dann bald mal wieder ein Telefonbuch.🤣

@fribbledom oh no it’s terrible, a PR nightmare for Facebook, i don’t think they’ll recover this time, I’m sure the company leaders are red with shame, public authorities will want an enquiry and there will be consequences /s

@fribbledom This shows what is the problem with yuuuuge centralized platforms.

@fribbledom ¡Noooooooooooooooooooooooo pero cómo fue a pasar eso! 🤣 🤣 🤣

@fribbledom At this point it would be wise to call this a feature.

@fribbledom The final paragraph contains: "Individuals signing up to a reputable company like Facebook are trusting them with their data and Facebook [is] supposed to treat the data with utmost respect," Gal said.

And in my head that's followed by "And I mean the word 'reputable' in the broadest POSSIBLE interpretation of the term."

@fribbledom uhmmmm?!?

Well at least the hacker kinda open-sourced it so that's... a social move I suppose, compared to selling it.

@fribbledom well, i wish this would spell the end for FB, but of course it won't...

@fribbledom and of course, struggling to delete account now. Of course... I didn't use it anyway, but just like FB to make it hard to do.

@fribbledom i look forward to the google leak. that one i will probably seed.

@fribbledom In the words of facebook: If you post it on facebook, you giving up your rights on privacy.

Ufffff que mal , hace unos 2 años confie en ellos ( facebook ) y ahora me entero de esto 🙁 . ademas use la version oficial y me hizo un backup de TODOS mis contactos sin avisarme

@fribbledom but even must of the people do not care about it, its like, omg, I will change my facebook's password.

@fribbledom better said "leaked" in fact i think this is the way this lame person called Zuckerber make money. He probably sells personal information of their users and make a lot of money

@fribbledom I love how this implies some kind of omnipresent facebook subdir

@fribbledom the joke I have with this breach is that, because it happened before I joined, my data won't be leaked until next year!

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