2GB of disk space? I would have killed for that as a kid.

Oh, also: Norton Commander 5.51, the last release that ever came out for DOS (1998).

The memories.

@fribbledom this is definitely before my time, but i remember playing around with DOS from 2-5th grade a bit. I still like Windows 3.1 UI haha

@fribbledom I never used nc but I use mc now for some reason

@fribbledom Norton Commander was da bomb. I use Midnight Commander and (mobile) Total Commander now and then still. MC is kinda a must for Linux commandline. :P

I tend to use plain bash and sometimes ksh since a few years, but mc was a thing for a long while.

@fribbledom I remember early in my career when IBM was announcing discs going into the gigabyte range.

And 16Mb of RAM in our IBM 6150 came in the form of two full-length ISA cards, FULL of chips. Must have been the BASI days. (Bugger All Scale Integration).

@muesli I remember using the Volkov Commander on a Commodore PC10-III. That was fun!


2 GB?
I started with ​5¼ floppy disks, 140 KB, and a punch to make a hole on the side of the case to use both faces of the disk (and reach the astounding storage of 280 KB).

My first PC had 80gb 3.5' HDD. Recently I bought 256gb microSD card for my Switch. Feels weird :)

@fribbledom We still use Norton Commander at work for old machines running with MS-DOS. They were really surprised when I said I use mc at home which is nearly identical.

@fribbledom Now I am giving away 2TB drives because they are too small.

I remember my first PC: 2MB of RAM and a 125MB hard drive. Yes, that's MB, not GB.

@fribbledom I started out with a 286 PC with 1MB RAM and a 42 MB HDD. I still remember barely being able to install anything to HDD because it was always full. Those were fun times.

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