> Wayland by default

Finally! I think this could be really good for the wayland applications.


> Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu

Yeah, that's the first thing I want on my Linux Desktop! More shitware from Microsoft!

I guess it's not meant for private Linux desktops. I can imagine there is a demand from corporations for it on Linux servers.

Corporate environments run RHEL or CentOS. Sometimes Suse. But I've never seen a Ubuntu server in auch an environment.

Somewhere they must use it otherwise Canonical wouldn't provide a server edition for so many years.

@musicmatze @storchp @fribbledom RHEL is too expensive and CentOS has basically been recently killed by red hat so there’s still a place for servers on Debian/Ubuntu.

@fribbledom New Micrubuntuft system released 😆 Literally there is 8 times the word Microsoft and 2 times Azure on that post

@fribbledom That is an /uncomfortable/ amount of times the name "Microsoft" appears in a Linux release announcement.

@fribbledom The blog mentions "Microsoft" so prominently, and does not even mention the release name once(!) on the entire page (had to guess from the wallpaper, I don't follow Ubuntu development). Makes the priorities pretty clear.

@fribbledom I misread as 12.04 and thought, "didn't we already have this one?"

@fribbledom Oh noez. Active Directory Admins can now torture Ubuntu users with intrusive group policies too 😂 #enterprise

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