Repeat after me:

"I'm not a Formula1 driver, I don't need a tacky racing chair. I promise to get a proper office chair with lumbar support and adjustable head & arm rests. I will save some money and will also look less ridiculous in front of my PC."

See, it wasn't that hard!

@fribbledom To be fair I was looking at the "tacky racing chairs" for my office chair when I was setting up my home office.

My occupational therapist thought they were awesome.

@fribbledom Counterpoint: My DX is the most comfortable chair I've ever owned. I don't care if it looks goofy.


I don't even question them being comfortable. But if it's the most comfortable chair you've ever seen, it's probably just a sign that you've been accustomed to dirt-cheap, shitty office chairs. Which is no wonder, really.

@fribbledom Naw. I owned a Herman Miller, and worked places that gave everyone Steelcases. I prefer DXes to those, call me crazy.

@trysdyn @fribbledom just to add further fuel to this argument, my chair (also a DX) has adjustable arm rests, lumbar support and was less than half the price of a “normal” office chair.

Plus, the kids love it!

However, I do agree that most of the colours are garish - I just went for plain black.

@kev @trysdyn @fribbledom are we saying I shouldn't be working at my kitchen table

@basil nah, I’m sure it’ll be fine, just stock up on the pile cream! 👍

@trysdyn @fribbledom

@fribbledom Hey, if it's comfortable, do it! I purchased and installed a dune buggy seat to my work wheelchair. I can sit in that thing all day without getting a sore backside!

@fribbledom Counterpoint: a really fancy looking chair is great for living out my fantasies of being a starship captain

@fribbledom imo even though theyre ugly, racing chairs are better than the terrible office chairs most people get. of course, a high end office chair would be nice, but the good ones are a lot more expensive that the gamer-targeted ones

@fribbledom like a high backed herman miller cosm is $1k+ while a dx racer is about $500

I work out of a fishing chair. So basically I'm just fishing all of the time.

Oh, hey @squaregoldfish, I was just thinking of you, unfortunately your delivery yesterday failed as nobody was available to receive the package. There is a phone number you can call to call to reschedule, see: DELIVERY_INVOICE_37715.PDF.ZIP

I bet some twitch streamers use discreet ergonomic chairs and edit in the racing chair for the sponsorship.

@fribbledom Wait, what? They make racing chairs so armchair warriors can pretend that're real F1 drivers?

@fribbledom There’s a vast difference between ‘tacky’ and ‘the envy of all your friends and neighbors’.

@fribbledom counterpoint: Fsck that, im going to get one and shout VROOM VROOM like a madman while filling out spreadsheets.

@fribbledom Right, I need a spaceship captain chair, not some pleb F1 chair

@fribbledom I have a couple of car seats pulled out of a GTI, don't give me ideas!

@fribbledom 😂😂 aren't proper ergonomic office chairs like significantly more expensive though?


No, I don't think so, unless you go for the absolutely cheapest racing chairs. You can get a couple of really great ergonomic office chairs for ~$200.

Depending on where you live, I can recommend TopStar chairs:

@fribbledom meanwhile what covid probably means: No you don't get to try the chairs at the ergo furnitures store.

I got basic office chairs while I wish I could adjust almost everything on it.

I would go for a normal office chair as they sell them at work where i get a discount. They also just, way better build then the "gaming"chairs. Part of it is probobly as a lot of them are just wood covered with some favric and abit of stuffing in it

@fribbledom "I will save some money"




Oh man, I fucking wish.

@fribbledom this post brought to you by *only* spending $1000 on my new Gesture

@fribbledom I use a desk designed for racing sim games. Not because I play those games, but because that was the best way to get a keyboard tray that put the keyboard at the right level to be comfortable for me. My last ergonomic keyboard tray that attaches to my chair was junk. I bought two of them and both broke in the exact same way. I don't like using the racing chair. I'm actually looking into putting a more comfortable car seat in the place of the racing one.

@fribbledom Do only formula1 drivers get to have tacky racing chairs?

@fribbledom Hehe, my tongue in cheek suggestion is to ditch faux leather chairs that flake apart after a few years altogether and get a standing desk. 😀 I’ve had one for ten years but still do need to sit on occasion.

@fribbledom Why the head rest? I've only touched the head rest of my car seat once when I was reared by a truck. Not many trucks in my office these days.

The chairs that others buy, has nothing to do with me

@fribbledom You also don't necessarily need to buy new. The local uni has a surplus sale warehouse that sells good quality used office furniture. I also got a used Herman Miller at another sale for $200; it just needed cleaning and new castor wheels.

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