Repeat after me:

"I'm not a Formula1 driver, I don't need a tacky racing chair. I promise to get a proper office chair with lumbar support and adjustable head & arm rests. I will save some money and will also look less ridiculous in front of my PC."

See, it wasn't that hard!

@fribbledom Counterpoint: My DX is the most comfortable chair I've ever owned. I don't care if it looks goofy.


I don't even question them being comfortable. But if it's the most comfortable chair you've ever seen, it's probably just a sign that you've been accustomed to dirt-cheap, shitty office chairs. Which is no wonder, really.

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@fribbledom Naw. I owned a Herman Miller, and worked places that gave everyone Steelcases. I prefer DXes to those, call me crazy.
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