Ok, let's settle this once and for all. Today's a good a day as any 😄

@fribbledom @jens I love me Star Trek, but the whole B5/DS9 thing really pissed me off. DS9 is clearly a rip off and a bad one at that.

So difficult 😮 Although, Star Wars pushed a couple of questionable narratives: "you are born with a gift and only your willpower determines if you succeed" and "great heros must abstain from all pleasure because pleasure leads directly into becoming a world destroying supervillain"

Maybe it's not that difficult...

On the other hand, the imperial fleet could crush the borg. The Executor is so much bigger than any borg cube... somehow the Star Trek designers didn't dare to dream big 😀

Coolest capital ship by the way.

@Mopsi @fribbledom don't forget the "certain bloodlines are just more special than everyone else"

There is also the absolute difference of good and bad people. There is nothing in between and no tiny piece of understanding for each other.

@Mopsi @fribbledom
It's more nuanced outside the movies, but those are the core of the franchise which overrules everything else. And it's not a Disney thing, George Lucas was constantly undermining the best parts of the old expanded universe by insisting black and white morality is the only true canon.

@machado @Mopsi @fribbledom I was about to say something about religious upbringing but as a Trekkie I don't really care

@fribbledom If today is Star Wars day then any other day of the year is Star Trek day.
Let them have that cookie...🖖

@fribbledom with all these disagreements, when will these star wars end?


EU SW Books > ST Series > Early SW (Machete order) > ST Movies > Late SW Movies.
@fribbledom 15 years ago it would have been easy ... today ... uh ...

[x] Stargate

@fribbledom Never cared much for star trek (though admittedly my exposure is memes, that v*ger movie, and half of the new one) but it's ok, loved star wars as a teen not sure how it would hold up going back to it now

@anke @fribbledom Thanks. My mobile app does not show polls. I'm hoping the official one in development will.

@fribbledom Voyager, TNG, DS9 are all better than original series. I never liked star wars. Any of it. Stargate SG-1, (and the spinoffs, to a slightly lesser extent) is better than either star wars or any of the star trek shows. Just my opinion.

Yeah I can geek out on both for very different reasons. I refuse to choose!

@fribbledom I feel like the fediverse is still somewhat of a biased sample set.

@fribbledom So, the options are:

Starwars, bought by Disney and making stupid egalitarian propaganda, and crap movies lately.
Startrek, bought by ViacomCBS, making explicit communist propaganda.

Can we just pick none of them?

@fribbledom once you dig deep into the lore Star Wars is very pessimistic, "ok all these species independently developed ftl travel, and used it to conquer other worlds, also slavery, crime and oppression is rampant through the galaxy"

Trek has tried to present a more optimistic sci-fi setting "infinite variety in infinite combinations" and all that

Obviously is all just entertainment, but both are deeply political, and that's what makes them both interesting for different reasons


I _hate_ the way time travel has taken root in Star Trek and the whole nature of that sort of time travel.

However Star Trek versus Star Wars is fundamentally a question of Communism (Star Trek) versus Capitalism (Star Wars).

I mean, they had to staple money in to the Star Trek universe after Roddenberry died. Before that, they never had a need for money.

@fribbledom I don't understand Star Wars technology. No matter how poor the area is, no matter how shabby the machines, nobody uses wheels. Even the largest piece of junk has to hover.

Looking at their peaks, Star Wars is better. Looking at the average quality of the current canon, Treks is meh but Wars is actually bad.

@fribbledom It's time to abolish long term copyright so bad fanfic by a committee that doesn't include the original author doesn't have a higher standing than any other fanfic.

@fribbledom As Andy Weir said when he was asked this question: Doctor Who. :tardis:

@fribbledom I might lose followers for this, but whatever, this is what i think:

Star Trek is an often ham-fisted but very sincere attempt to imagine a future that we'd actually want to live in, by extrapolating universal-human-rights-based liberal idealism, while also honestly confronting and grappling with the limit cases of that idealism. This is so rare in visual sci-fi media that it's worth treasuring despite its frequent failures to live up to its premise.

Star Wars is a toy commercial.

@fribbledom although if i could have a write-in candidate, i'd pick Farscape

@fribbledom Seriously, people think Star Trek is better than Star Wars?

I think The Orville might be better. But other than that: Deep Space 9 forever!


@fribbledom i admit I've never really seen ST tho I'm aware of the progressive things the old trek tried to do, and my relationship with SW is mainly based on the performance of Adam Driver hahaha so I'll go pick SW even if only minority of the films of that franchise were any good, i have some great memories and made some great friends through SW, and it's just entertainment anyway. And when it comes to fictional space operas, I'll go for Mass Effect any day 🤭

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