Can someone please start making smartphones with integrated hardware keyboards again? Pretty please?


This was such a good device! I still have my Pre... somewhere. mine started having this odd screen flickering issue the last time i booted it. seems like a simple failure of the LCD backlight at first glance.. but i don't think it be like it do..

@fribbledom I thought for sure Android was going to be a HUGE bust and it would be palm v Apple wrasslin for the future. palmos was great, but that’s the wrongest I ever was on a tech prediction

@fribbledom Or at least grow half a fucking braincell for software keyboards. Newsflash, programmers: Touchscreens aren't qwerty!

@Zergling_man @fribbledom I honestly don't know what you mean… mine is quertz & gboard has always been satisfactory for me.

@Riedler @fribbledom - which I no longer use because it's not available anywhere else
These are the only two innovations in software keyboards I know of, and the latter is still based on qwerty. Stop thinking inside the box.

@Zergling_man @fribbledom while graffiti is imo a horrible idea, and it has no real advantage for the average user, minuum does look nice. But yeah, as a german speaker, only having the querty layout is a dealbreaker for me since I need äöü regularly.

@Riedler @fribbledom Handwriting input is actually pretty great. That graffiti could do with several improvements, and if I ever try android development again, an open-source clone of it will be my first project. Meantime I'll keep turning the problem over until I can figure out something better. eg. could work in software?

@fribbledom Heck yes! I really loved the haptics of the HTC G1 (aka Dream) in that regard. Got a Motorola Milestone after that, but it was much worse with the membrane keyboard. Since then I haven't seen any efforts into that direction that could convince me.


Yeah... I resisted upgrading to a smartphone, in the first place, just to keep that tactile keyboard on the phone for as long as I could!

@JulieSqveakaroo @fribbledom And nowadays I loose a minute many times a day to wait for my bluetooth keyboard to reconnect; whenever I try to screentype something 'just quickly' I regret this immediately. Would be happy already with cable-bound physical kbd... anybody knows any?

@selea @fribbledom I came to post this, I just can't justify it in my meager budget :(

@paulgatling @fribbledom I was also going to suggest looking for them. I was considering buying Gemini PDA myself. Here’s a list of devices.

@paulgatling @fribbledom I've got a Cosmo. Typing on it is a joy. Everything else is clunky and awkward.

@fribbledom I still love my Blackberry Priv, great screen, great keyboard. But: Overheating Snapdragon 808, broken SIM card tray, no Android updates since years. So it‘s just a part of my tech museum ;)

@yesbait @fribbledom Yeah, Planet Computers makes a few devices like this, including the Cosmo Communicator. TCL also made some of these with keyboards under the Blackberry name.

@fribbledom there is the same for linux smartphone ! no one want to make it because it's not enough profitable for industry and capitalism.
Poor society !

@GrEEner77176 @fribbledom I mean, technically android does use linux & ubuntu phones do exist. But I know what you mean. It's gonna get a lot more interesting once google releases fuchsia though.

@Riedler @fribbledom yes ! I would like to said real free linux and not google Android wich is not realy free and independant.
Someone had writen a good note in french about that, two days ago, i am going to look after and send it to you.

Then I guess @PINE64 are no-one with their Pinephone
And I believe PureOS that the Purism Librem 5 runs on is also Linux based.

@GrEEner77176 @fribbledom I assume you're not counting the Pinephone or the Librem 5 for some reason?

@fribbledom I have an Fxtec Pro1 from 2019, but they've constantly had problems shipping in volume, and it looks like new production is stalled again until the middle of this year.

@fribbledom I just bring a mechanical keyboard everywhere I go. Everything else is trash anyway, and it doubles as a defensive tool since I can use it as a shield 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

@fribbledom Actually can you plug USB HIDs into phones these days? In that case you would just need a cable tie instead of gaffa tape... 😁

I suppose having everything on the screen is another scifi tech idea that apple just decided was good for everyone, like not having a headphone jack. Unfortunately typing on your screen is not crappy enough, as long as the phone employs sofrware to correct your shitty typing.

But damn, I could type texts blind on my pre-smartphone era phone! I could actually look where I was going!

Keyboards as add on`s

On the other hand, the lack of a keyboard leads in my case to less usage of the smartphone.

I use it mainly for calls and short messages on the go, for the rest I've reserved 30min each evening on my desktop computer.

@fribbledom I loooooved my T-Mobile G1! If #HTC would make a successor to that phone, with the same keyboard, I'd need to have it. Imagine blind typing in your phone, that's what it did.

@fribbledom Planet Computers might be your thing. They did phone/PDAs inspirted by the Psion PDAs but the latest is a slide out keyboard phone.

@x00 Where do I find more about the slide-out version? It doesn’t seem to be officially available yet.

@c3manu Sorry! It was indigogo.

It is open to latecomers, but isn't available to purchase yet. They say June but I tend to expect slippage on these things

@x00 With their Gemini they were pretty punctual, iirc. I just want to know if they have a better keyboard now..

@c3manu The Cosmo one was better than Gemini IMO. It's still limited by the form factor of course. Hoping the Astro's one will be nice too.

@x00 To me, it was limited by the mushy rubberdome. If the keyboard used actual switches and had proper Linux support, it could be a pretty cool device though!

@fribbledom have to admit I backed the latest Planet Computer one. Should be arriving sometime in summer I guess. Really miss my Motorola Photon Q..

@das_aug @fribbledom I had my introduction to Android with a Milestone and it was the best device i ever owned for its time. To bad that there is no real qwertz Slider available anymore.
I considered a f(x)tec pro a long time, but they never delivered huge quantities of the devices and its to dangerous for me to buy in the uk after brexit with the history of this company (Moto Keyboard Mod).
Its easier to go for a Foldable by now but they are really expensive and only in there 1-2 generation :/

@fribbledom more likely to find a full size mech keyboard with a built in phone.

@fribbledom The last Android phone that I had was a Blackberry with a keyboard. It was a nice phone. Still sat in a drawer somewhere.

@fribbledom There _are_ tiny bluetooth keyboards you can use with any smartphone.

@Xjs @fribbledom

I really like small Bluetooth keyboards, but for me, they have entirely different use cases.

A built-in keyboard is great for doing what I’m doing right at this moment. Quickly typing out messages is so much better on a physical keyboard on the device.

Small Bluetooth keyboards are great for doing a little bit of work on my phone in a pinch. I’ve used them before when I was out and I got a call or text about something urgent that needed done at work.

I would pull out my Bluetooth keyboard, set my phone up like a small monitor, log into my home computer, and do some work.

But if I had to do that just to type out some messages, it would be too onerous.


I got one of them. They're end-of-life tho, with no further security / Android patches.

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