I'm using an external CD drive to restore backups from 2004 🤣

I'm a bit surprised this all still works just fine.

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It varies heavily in my experience. I've seen CD-Rs that were unusable after just 5 years, and I've successfully ripped 35 year old CDs.

@fribbledom 17 year old backups, what could possibly be so sought after that these old backup would be "viable"?

I think, this is the most interesting question here 😀

@fribbledom OTOH: I revived my old WS that died 2004 a few years ago to free/move my MP3 collection ..

@fribbledom I remember reading something about the longevity of CDs 20 years ago. How to identify bad quality ones etc, but back then no one knew how long the good ones would last.

@fribbledom for reference, if your backups were in a CD-R(W), could you mention the brand?

@fribbledom me vibing with a computer from 2010 with a CD-ROM drive and a 2015 one, also with a CD-ROM drive

@fribbledom I got a bunch of floppy disks from my grandpa recently. Had some family history files on a few of them that I wanted.

Plugged in the external floppy drive, inserted the disk. No problem at all. Disk is automatically mounted, just as I’d expect. I can open the files no problem.

Crazy that a floppy drive still works exactly as you’d exptect it to when who knows how long anybody has needed to use a floppy disk.

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