"I am resigning along with most other Freenode staff"


@fribbledom Things still seem very much in motion. Others have retracted their posts in that regard, see

@fribbledom welp, guess I know what freedesktop's going to be busy with next week

@fribbledom It feels like this is the decade for lawyers. Too many legal and social power plays going on in software right now.

@AliMirjamali @fribbledom oh my oh my. I don't like this. This irc network is important. Used it for most of my online life and that's a while now 😩


this seems like probably a good thing, if you care about what #freenode was

check out

if this is true stuff then long live #liberachat says I

they steal your stuff, just #walkaway and build better

@fribbledom this resignation letter was leaked before it was intended to be published; please don't share it without context! no resignations have actually occurred yet.


Sorry, but I don't have any more context. Would you mind providing some more insight then?

@fribbledom the volunteer freenode staff are resisting an attempted takeover of the network by someone associated with a VPN company that bought the trademarks and domain registration from the freenode founder several years ago. the entire staff have all prepared resignation letters to publish in the event that the takeover succeeds.

@technomancy @fribbledom

That sucks. I hope the staff will let us know if we need to update the domain names to connect to.

@alienghic @technomancy @fribbledom There's a twitter account - I hope that they find it aligned with their values to create an official mastodon account somewhere.

@dl @alienghic @fribbledom they said that they snapped up the twitter and facebook accounts specifically to prevent someone else from taking them, so I wouldn't hold your breath; that same logic doesn't really apply here.

@technomancy @alienghic @fribbledom Not the "snapping up" part, no. I'm talking about in the future if they go forward with it.

@dl @technomancy @alienghic @fribbledom if we go forward with libera, I fully imagine that we'll have a fedi account, probably self hosted.

I mean, if you're going to fork why not just adopt something better than IRC?
Setting up znc with tor, client certs and whatnot takes days. If you make a single mistake you get banned and then have to send emails to get unbanned. The whole thing is a hot mess. And it isn't decentralized to boot.
Sphinx is much more promising than libera. Most of what IRC has going for itself is lindy and network effects. About time to disrupt it.


I don't have a copy, sorry. Apparently the author considered it a draft of an unfinished post.

@fribbledom it's like a day late because we were fighting fires, but no, no one is resigning (yet).

If you're worried about stuff like this, feel free to ping me to check.


See thread, it's been taken down by the author.

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