So I guess it's official now.

Fuchs resigns as freenode staffer:

@fribbledom I'm wondering if this is the beginning of the end for freenode. I've heard a lot of shady stuff surrounding this Andrew Lee character and how he came to be involved in freenode. Though as an ex-staffer somehow I'm not surprised by any of this.


That's old news, I guess. Fuchs' is actively communicating his resignation via mail since this morning.

@kunsi @fribbledom Fuchs has definitely resigned, he lost his freenode/staff/Fuchs cloak on freenode this morning

@fribbledom Seriously fucked. And now moving all the IRC channels over is gonna be a fiasco.

@fribbledom shame the new network that he's pimping isn't even open yet

@fribbledom *angry words*. Aw man :(. Thanks for sharing, but gosh is that not how freenode deserved to go. Is everyone migrating or only some? Maybe too early to tell, probably just fragment across {the new network, staying, slack, discord, ...}? Sigh. (and oops I have some channels to check on...)

@fribbledom I didn't know Freenode! I always thought IRC is just a name for a chat tech protocol. Is Freenode decentral? Or can it be kind of pwned by a single company? Could there be a chat fediverse built ontop of Hubzilla?

@trox @fribbledom That’s kind of a sad story actually. IRC used to be decentralized, until EFnet (the “eris-free” network) declared they would decide who got to run servers, and only chose servers they controlled. This protection racket grew until everyone gave up, stopped trying to fix the issues with federating with untrusted servers, and all joined EFnet, pretending that it was not going to be a problem. Since then, EFnet’s abuses have forced several people to create their own IRC networks, but they have always been centralized, only federating with a cluster of centrally controlled servers. Freenode is one of those networks. Subsequently, Freenode’s abuses forced several people to create the OFTC (the “open and free technology community”) network, which is also centralized.

@cy @fribbledom @trox
I really hope folks are taking time to understand this history or were going to repeat it with #ActivityPub 😒

@humanetech @Taris @cy @fribbledom @trox @hamishcampbell I don't think the Freenode debacle has implications for activitypub, because it's really a domain name seizure problem, arising from lack of legally actionable governance within that project.

If you don't pay attention to the legalities, then some crown prince can just arbitrarily claim to own what you're doing and there not be any clear legal defense against that.

@bob @Taris @cy @fribbledom @trox @hamishcampbell

Yes, indeed it is different. I see as a risk for that there's been little convergence in standardization efforts since the spec became W3C recommendation.

Holes in the spec were filled in by app impls, and becoming interoperable with another app still mostly involves peeking in that app's source repository on how to do that.

We need more ppl doing collab on to take specs or extensions, FEP's next level. It's a win-win

@humanetech @bob @Taris @cy @fribbledom @trox @hamishcampbell What's needed is for people at W3C to update the spec, in line with implementations. Probably the reason why that isn't happening is the opaque internal politics of W3C.

Irrespective of what happens on other sites, unless things change in the W3C spec I am unlikely to implement protocol changes.

@bob @Taris @cy @fribbledom @trox @hamishcampbell

The spec is not under development of W3C anymore, but worked on by the Social Community Group, chaired among others by @rhiaro

And SocialCG participates in SocialHub. Fedi future is grassroots and in the hands of the app devs and other community members themselves, but real evolution depends on who wants to sink in some time away from own projects and dedicate to community work.

We only touched the tip of the iceberg of full spec potential.

@cy @fribbledom @trox
They are not. is prone to risk of centralization just like email, IRC and the web.

@cy @fribbledom @trox

We perhaps need some sort of hosting service for irc, however it is not difficult to run, I am more worried about my set up being secure.

@fribbledom It’s striking that he’d declare they were going to found an entirely new IRC network, without mentioning the group that already did that years ago:

Not that I trust the OFTC either, but at least mentioning them like “Unlike the OFTC, we’re gonna be the cool centralized network, not the lameo one!” would have acknowledged that admins are even aware of it.

@fribbledom is working now and a lot of us are getting our nicks and channels registered there already, though there's a lot of reports of having to retry due to overloads

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