Uhm, that didn't take long:

"Freenode IRC operators now engaging in routine abuses of power"

@fribbledom is it really routine if its only been a week or so

Re: irc 

@vriska @fribbledom I read the title as “routine” as in “mundane”, “procedural” – as the HN thread related to this very blog post also points out, taking over a channel that reposts publicly available headlines is very petty and trivial (it’s not even an actual community that’s ‘worth’ stealing). Hence, someone abusing op powers in such a trivial situation indicates that they see the abuse as not a big deal, a routine matter. But pointing this out explicitly in the post might have been better.

@fribbledom I suspect he's going to keep a lot of fake channels registered even after their communities have moved on, just to keep up appearances and inflate the size of "his" network. I doubt it'll last forever, but it's still going to be a pain to deal with.

Hmmm … @SundayMoaning Wechselt Ihr eigentlich zur neuen Plattform? … Ich sollte mich auch mal mit den Alternativen auseinandersetzen … @fribbledom @kunsi

@viennawriter @fribbledom @kunsi

Zumindest der entsprechende Channel ist da inzwischen registriert, gab wenig interne Debatte darüber. Solange libera keinen Webchat anbietet ist es zumindest keine Selbstverständlichkeit, aber meinethalben können wir da gern wechseln /E2C

@SundayMoaning Der Fellow Nerd sagt, wäre wohl die Lösung. Ich muss für den Sendegarten auch mal nachlesen. Sieht aber praktikabel aus. @fribbledom @kunsi

Auf der Webseite wird mensch demnächst dann die Änderungen finden?

@SundayMoaning @viennawriter @fribbledom @kunsi

@Cedara @viennawriter @fribbledom @kunsi

Ich hab den unbestimmten Verdacht dass das dazugehörige Konzepttreffen morgen kurz nach 11:00 Uhr stattfinden wird ;) /E2C

Okay. Sagt nur wo, denn nach dem was ich vorhin las, will ich nicht mehr auf freenode rauf.

@SundayMoaning @viennawriter @fribbledom @kunsi

So, ist dann auch auf der Webseite aktualisiert - /o/

@fribbledom It's kinda crazy that some people still use IRC, though i guess it's not super unwarranted, and you can use IRC on just about anything that can connct to the internet.

@Jessica @fribbledom tbh, i've yet to see a single viable replacement for irc. everything wants to be a slow and bloated web/mobile app, generally centralized commercial services, without any standardized protocols or real options for client software, and otherwise a lot fail at the most basic multi-user channel functionalities... unfortunately i haven't come across anything that's managed to provide all the same functionality and usability based on durable open standards.

@ze @fribbledom It's just that IRC is incredibly insecure as things are sent in plaintext, as well as you're exposing your IP address to everyone in the IRC chat.
that's probably why i lot of businesses aren't super eager to use it.
@ze @Jessica @fribbledom lmk if you find a good alternative because I'm tired of using discord

@fribbledom Man abandons channel after a MONTH, Puts in notice that it abandoned and is surprised it's recycled. Is this abuse or stewardship?

@Baggypants @fribbledom "Abandoned" occurs upon chanserv expiration, which is 1 year after the founder was last online.

Since the founder was online today, the abandonment counter is still one year in the future and potentially still being pushed forward.

So yes, it is surprising.

If you reboot your PC and forget to open a browser to your own website within 10 minutes, you wouldn't be surprised the domain registrar gave your domain name away before expiration?

@dissy614 @fribbledom I'm prepared to admit it's surprising. But I feel characterising it as 'abusive' is just pandering to drama fueld feeding frenzy going on. If I'd but a webpage up saying "This free web page that is owned by someone else is abandoned, I'm never coming back" Then I wouldn't be so surprised if the registrar took it back over, no.

@Baggypants @fribbledom Really? Interesting.
Good to know, I knew I'm "out of touch" but didn't realize just how far.

@Baggypants @fribbledom It is a clear violation of their stated policies, so: abuse.

@a @fribbledom "we reserve the right to remove or alter registrations where we believe they have not been made in good faith."
I'd say a notice of abandonment after one month could classify as 'not in good faith'

@Baggypants @fribbledom That is absolutely not evidence that the registration was made in bad faith. Things changed after registration, but that isn’t relevant to that clause.

@Baggypants @fribbledom per freenode's own written policy: "Topical channels expire after 60 days in which no user on the access list for the channel has joined it." --

@ze @fribbledom It also has a clause in there "but individual decisions may be made at the discretion of staff." and references the channel and catalyst guidelines.

@Baggypants @fribbledom so you the instant takeover and pretend-continuity, and removing the channel movement topic, are all just fine and dandy because technically there's a discretionary clause?
personally i'm maintaining presence to make sure the "this channel has moved to" topics remain intact and to help inform anyone who might need to know

@ze @fribbledom Yes if the channel has been advertised as abandoned after a month and only really existed for a bot in the first place, why not? Look, I'm not happy about the freenode situation, it's a disaster. But really this is like complaining that the janitor normally empties the bin on Friday and they came and did it on a Tuesday. Give it a couple of weeks and we'll have a big red flag the size of Japan to point at and say 'Told you Lee was a bastard'

@Baggypants @fribbledom well it was advertised as moved, and i think it should rightfully have remained as such for the normal duration, in accordance with its creators intent, regardless. but i can see how someone else might feel entitled in such circumstances, and agree it's a fairly minor point in the whole thing

@Baggypants @fribbledom It's okay to admit you're not familiar with Freenode's culture and values.

@mk @fribbledom Did you have to configure your Element web client to allow guest access? I don’t think I quite understand how to enable guest access.

@kenny @fribbledom

no you just change your matrix configuration (homeserver.yaml) to accept guests.

# Allows users to register as guests without a password/email/etc, and
# participate in rooms hosted on this server which have been made
# accessible to anonymous users.
allow_guest_access: true
And than you create a public room that guests can enter.

@kenny @fribbledom

for some reason it doesn't work with rooms that are created from within a space.

but if you create the room outside the space and then include the existing room into the space, it seems to work.

@mk @fribbledom I have configured my server like this. I wonder if its because I’m testing from and they have guess access disabled but your copy of Element Web has it enabled.

@kenny @fribbledom

hmm it looks like you need your own element client that defaults to your homeserver.

version: '3.3'
image: vectorim/riot-web
restart: unless-stopped
- published: 8888
target: 80
mode: host
- type: bind
source: ./config.json
target: /app/config.json

@mk @fribbledom I confirmed that doesn’t have guess access enabled. Conclusion: host your own Element!

@mk @fribbledom@mastodon nice. What servers do allow this? Wanna give it a try :)


but i don't allow registering users yet, because i don't know how long i can keep it running.

@fribbledom lol that awkward justice at the end was kinda nice though

@fribbledom I'd need to see more evidence of this being routine and having happened multiple times before drawing the conclusion this person comes to. It seems like it's a weird situation (channel less than a month old, already indicating they're moving to another network effective immediately). A single instance doesn't really make the case for "routine" and "abuses" (plural).

This whole thing is just... weird.
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