When the iPhone launched, all the cool apps were on the desktop, and you had to live with shitty web apps on your mobile.

Nowadays all the cool apps are on the mobiles, and you get shitty web apps for the desktop.

And poor web apps on the iPhone lol, almost no pwa features are supported by safari/ios

@sexybiggetje have you tried Appscope? Some PWA on there support iOS

@fribbledom If you think about it, android started out as an advanced version of a feature phone, I say this because it was originally designed to run java applets (and it still does) but now everything is coded in different languages afaik
@fribbledom but also keep in mind that android was originally designed to be used on a "blackberry-like" phone and just got adapted into a "modern phone" layout because of apple.
@fribbledom also the update procedure for android phones is so bad because it was a literal tack onto android, they've only just started to make it easier for manufacturers to update their OS, and I've felt that, my S20 has gotten a fair bit of updates, very unlike Samsung to not release more than a handful of updates and then discontinue the phone.

@fribbledom I still don't know how those with visual sensitivities browse the web on mobile...

I can't FOCUS on the content!

@xoxys @fribbledom Not really, but I do feel like users not knowing what PWAs are prevents them from being popular.

But I'm afraid that mozilla's announcement to discontinue support on the desktop doesn't make the situation even better...

@fribbledom Phones are not a superior technology to desktop computers (unless you're on foot).

What happened quite simply is that the generation that grew up with smartphones became addicted to the device itself, and as an adult they still *need* their toy.

@fribbledom nah, you don't get access on the desktop at all and you _have to use_ mobile.

@fribbledom For me it’s more like, all the seemingly cool spyware is on mobile and you have to somehow work around some really stupid web design to somehow get done anything on a desktop.

@fribbledom and most people became Linux users through Google phones.

@fribbledom Well, the M1 Macs support installing mobile apps now. But I don’t think you’ll have a fun time using them without a touchscreen...

@fribbledom @penguwin Some work quite well. Also, those using SwiftUI typically provide a quite similar native experience on macOS and iOS. But there are shitty web apps in all places of course.

(I found that some mobile apps are also web apps, but they feel less shitty because they don’t drain that much power on ARM hardware and especially in Safari, which also applies to formerly-shitty web apps on M1 hardware ;))

@fribbledom @penguwin (those are only my experiences and observations, of course. YMMV :))

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