WAT?! You're telling me there has been a team at Facebook designing and implementing this feature, and not one person has stood up and asked:

"Uhm, isn't that super creepy, even for us?"

@fribbledom Sounds a bit like a prequel to “Minority Report”, doesn’t it?

@fribbledom Are FB gonna chuck some cash towards it too? What swell peeps 🥰

@fribbledom Is that real, or a joke? It's almost like that stunt Signal pulled with the ads they made to expose how much Facebook knows and uses about people. Maybe Facebook figured that the cat's out of the bag so they just run with it now.

Could also be part of a strategy to gradually make people think "it's actually good that Facebook knows everything about me, then Facebook can help me in so many nice ways like this".

You said something in your post

@eliasr, were this a public post then it might not be Cardi B’s Grammy-award-winning album, but rather just classic manipulation to boost interactions on the platform. Still, as @fribbledom mentioned, it’s nevertheless very creepy.

@eliasr and @fribbledom, the real question here is, do people actually fund their friends’ honeymoon and is it still a thing in COVID time?

@eliasr @fribbledom I’ve seen it mentioning “home repairs”. It happens while you are drafting a post like how if you mention COVID or Vaccine you immediately get the big “Have you read the latest CDC guidance before posting?” box. *Supposedly* it doesn’t use any info other than the words in a single draft and *might* not leave the device/phone home. It’s Clippy without the face. “I see you are writing a sad letter. Would you like to start a bake sale? We’ve got an app for that now.”

@fribbledom not necessarily. more like, "can we extract tsome generic categories from statuses, for, you know, statistics" and chuck it into a database. the other team is like "can you find some 3 generic categories based on an arbitrary rule and do an action based on it", and the third team "can you build a web app that just searches some generic categories and you know, lets you create some rules based on it" and all. Still there has to have been a mastermind + head only goes so deep in the sand.

@zladuric This is where a privacy review team steps in and does more than just "add a link to our data policy, please". Also UX folks. Also user trust people.

Even this view, "it's normal to go online to beg your friends, acquaintances, work colleagues and maybe even your boss for money to go on a honeymoon", feels mildly sociopathic to me and someone should have caught it.

But that way you can't monetize the portion of the population that'll think this is normal.
@fribbledom Are you planning a Bank Job?
You said something in your post about taking the banks money (See our data policy).
Let your local Police force share your plans.

@brianoflondon haha, no, but I don't think I have written very much about getting engaged on Facebook. I rarely use Facebook other than ~2 groups I'm in that I like to read (but rarely write).

@dowodenum Yeah, it's getting close to that point, I can probably find replacement communities elsewhere.

@baobab @fribbledom a friend told me that you shouldn't argue based on things that seem creepy to you, because those are just instincts designed to keep you safe in a savanna from when we were chimps and not at all applicable the state if things for modern man.

I originally agreed with the statement but as I think about it more, the more I disagree with this statement. It is, however; difficult to articulate.

@fribbledom You can't see if you have Dollar-Signs in your eyes. They hurt your view to usefull stuff. Also, i bet my used underwear everyone at Facebook is creepy by nature. why should they work there then?

@fribbledom nope. Looks totally on point for the likes of facebook.

@fribbledom What next, "Something you posted made us think your going on a date. Several retailers in your area are offering specials on condoms this week."

@tychosoft @fribbledom "...and don't worry, they sell small sized ones too"
-Facebook, probably

@fribbledom @benoit That’s Facebook for you. I bet they knew this person was getting married before they even proposed/were proposed to.

@alan @fribbledom @benoit

Back then my spouse and I went to get rings, she posted a photo of just her left hand wearing an engagement ring, in lieu of an announcement. Facebook showed that post to absolutely everyone and her adverts all changed to wedding stuff. Either the comments or photo AI told them exactly what was happening.

@celesteh @fribbledom @benoit That’s one of the reasons to ditch apps where your data is their business.

@fribbledom It's what EVERYONE on Facebook signed up for, to be a captive audience. Who's ever heard of walking through a car showroom and being surprised when someone tries to sell them something?

@fribbledom tbh they are probably writing way creepier features everyday, just not as user-visible. Showing some of that to the user might be even desirable for ethical programmers there.

@fribbledom I think they specifically screen for people who can leave their common sense at the door. Yeah, sure. But then they threw him out of the window.

... insert meme here


@fribbledom That "see our data policy" slipped in there is just *chefs kiss*

@fribbledom "My nipples itch and I have swollen feet" ... => You're pregnant.

@fribbledom To be fair they also advertised adult diapers to me, and when I told it to not show that one of the potential reasons to decline those ads was "Knows too much."

@fribbledom I bet this links to some funding system where they get a cut of whatever money is raised or it gives them more ad clicks.

No matter how cynical you think Facebook is, it's always more cynical than that.

@fribbledom Amazon Music recommends me "Coming out in the 2010s" playlists: don't know what gives them the impression I'm out to them 😕

@fribbledom Pretty sure that pointing stuff like that out is how you get fired from FB. Or at least marked as first one to be blamed if any kind of whistleblowing happens.

@fribbledom @aral this is nothing. Target recommended pregnancy related stuff to a woman before she knew she was pregnant. Big data FTW.

Facebook is very, very creepy and we've known that years. And for those that forget it, there are some scandals and investigations every year. So the real question is: what the f*** are people still doing on Facebook?

People aren't lemmings, right? I am the living prove that the world keeps turning once you leave Facebook, and that you can still lead a happy, fulfilling life without WhatsApp.
@Aidan Gauland :antiverified: That basically means you're a voluntary hostage: you can leave a party that abuses you, but you don't. That's a bizarre version of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Facebook does not offer you anything that you really need. If the people in your Facebook network mean anything to you, you can keep in touch with them through other channels. If they're not willing to do that, you should ask yourself how much that contact really means.
@fribbledom Perhaps they're trying to inch their way to normalizing this sort of stuff.

@fribbledom I think we have a kind of digital gap. But this time it's not about internet access or not. It's about volunteerly feeding greedy data-sucking companies or choosing liberty and privacy.

@fribbledom what the fuck is a honeymoon fund, and why does it exist?

@fribbledom Someone who stands up and says that gets fired, and then there's one less to do so for the next creepy feature. There've been so many creepy features that this process has reached its natural conclusion.

@fribbledom they must know themselves that its creepy, hence they're refering to their data policy. They're like "yeah, we're creepy, but you allowed us to :blobcatwhatsthis: "
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