In case you're wondering how Freenode is doing, just take a look at their latest policy update:

In other news, if you enjoy political, racial, ethnic, religious or gender-related invectives, Freenode is now the network of your choice! 😬

@fribbledom i should leave freenode but that means i have to first do a load of mental gymnastics to remember how everything works >.<

@fribbledom What does that policy even mean? I don't understand what they're getting at?

@fribbledom You know, that may have been his end game all along, to stage a coup by the reactionary side of the culture war and turn the network into a free-speech-absolutist toxic waste dump a la 4chan. It would not be unheard of; this kind of thing is going on in other places too.

@fribbledom I have been in the middle of a similar mess. I can't discuss it publicly or name names, but yeah.

@fribbledom oh no... freenode will become yet an other place for extremist to spread their bullshit and enroll more people into their sad misguided points of views that only leads to suffering... for them and their victims...

@df5t0rw @fribbledom If rasengan pushes the boubdries too hard freenode will get hacked sooner or later. Highly doubt he has high security discipline.

@fribbledom If you look at the current policies page it still forbids all of that. It's just further down the page. It looks like they cleaned it up as it was specified in two places.

"... are inappropriate advertising such as unused channels for the purpose of
polluting the channel list results, ... spam, or squatting a namespace preventing others from utilizing it."
So he's putting into policy his takeover of that ##hntop channel, and any others that move.

@fribbledom Well Republican Black Tapdancing Jesus Christ Dude, that’s terrible!

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