Apparently just mentioning "" in a channel's topic is enough for the new Freenode admins to join, change the topic, and remove your operator status.

They even devoiced the admin, so he can't talk about what's going on in the channel.

Just wow 🤯

@eragon I don't know for sure but given the number of channels impacted and the regularity of the new topics set, I would expect they targeted the channels manually or semi-automatically and then ran the bot in a loop over that.

@fribbledom This is, to a T, how the big furry IRC network split went down about 10 years ago now. Leadership changed, former opers made a new network, anyone who tried to point their channel to the new network had their channel seized and re-opened and eventually given to a more or less random member of the community.

Same excuse too: "You can move your community to a new network but advertising where to go is damaging our network, gasp".


@selea Also can't wait until they're desperately bragging they have more users than FurNet still


@fribbledom That's truly insane.

No questions about intent now.

Yep happened to our channel, we already moved and updated our docs. But it was still a shock in a long line of wow what's he doing? He will do worse lets leave. I've seen this kind of behaviour in other communities online. Chalk it up to bad, powermad, insecure behaviour. Best we can do is try to move on. we will find each other again.

@fribbledom I wonder who the operator is and are they proud of themselves?

@fribbledom This confirms that moving the platform is not a bad idea

@fribbledom Did they topic lock the new channels? We could have some fun :)

@ersatzmaus I was thinking the same: creating massive amounts of new channels and setting a topic with Liberachat on all of them.

@fribbledom if only there was some sort of federated chat protocol where a hostile takeover would have a limited blast radius. #xmpp (okay, okay, sorry, I'll skip my normal rant about how we shouldn't stick with IRC just for nostalgia purposes as much as I like it)

@fribbledom interestingly can't find anything in their policies & related pages that forbids announcing you're moving to another platform?


Apparently they consider it "inappropriate advertising" 😄

@fribbledom What a classy move that definitely won't have negative consequences in any way!

@fribbledom @mutax I feel like writing a bot that creates random channels, joins and sets a topic.

@fribbledom Well. Isn’t # reserved for the official channel? If the official channel moved to libera, that means the one with # is no longer official and hence should be ##. They always had that policy. It’s just that they are now enforcing it en masse.


Besides this being a silly, non-enforceable policy, I guess I could live with it if it wasn't for censoring the Libera mentions & removing admins' channel flags.

Also, *if* you decide to do that, at least be consistent and also censor the other IRC networks.

As it currently stands it comes off as a pitiful attempt to silence projects who are trying to migrate to Libera.

@fribbledom Yeah I could understand reclaiming topic channels. “Ok that channel has moved, let’s have a new channel for that topic here”. But that it’s only enforced now is bad timing.

@fribbledom Has anyone tried setting a topic to “This channel is totally not moving to so don’t even think about checking there”?

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