You can buy companies, names, servers, infrastructure... but you can't buy a community.

At this point I'm wondering if the new owner of Freenode isn't actively trying to bury this brand.

His latest moves were so obviously ham-fisted and clumsy, it just makes no sense otherwise.

@fribbledom Yeah, I'm still undecided on whether it's malice or incompetence.

@pilum I think American politics over the last few years in particular underlined that it could actually be both.


@fribbledom A lot of people with money are incredibly stupid, sometimes I think it's just that simple!

@fribbledom maybe thinks can keep at it for a while it’ll fall out of news cycle and will still have enough people around to have a “large irc network” or what ever his plan calls it

@fribbledom Possibly, although a childish tantrum can't be ruled out :-)

@fribbledom I think he is just so disconnected from reality that he actually thinks he is doing good. His latest post in the corporate site has that trumpian style:

@fribbledom TBH, I'm not sure how someone can make money from the service? This was the same dilemma Evan faced when he tried to monetize; for example, we all love Mastodon and, for the most part, enjoy talking to one another, but I doubt a business would want to pay (I think Evan wanted) $10K a year for an internal chat program. And who uses Freenode anyway? Mostly developers and a few 'wannabes' like myself, and I wouldn't pay a subscription to use it, would you?

@fribbledom Some people do really believe -- falsely, mind you -- that *everything* is for sale at the right price.

@fribbledom he's a cryptocoin dude, had dealings with that other genius from MTGOX: he's either malicious or very dumb... or both?

@fribbledom do you reckon they're clearing what they perceive as 'cruft' so they can monetise it?

@FerdiZ @fribbledom yeah, I'm nuking my account this weekend. Looks like all the groups I care about have moved to (and now it can be bridged to Matrix too)

@fribbledom Never underestimate the power of arrogance and reinforcement from every employee telling you you're awesome.

@fribbledom My bet is a creating another breeding ground for some alt-right/freeze peach chuds.

@fribbledom I'm actually pleasently surprised that the exodus is happening. Usually, I'd expect platform inertia to rear its ugly head and that most people would stay because they're used to it. Like with Whatsapp, or Facebook in general.

@AgreeableLandscape @fribbledom I think the main difference to other services is that an IRC network is not a real "platform". You can easily switch to another network and keep using the same client software with a similar if not exactly the same feature set on the server side. Registering a new channel elsewhere is quickly done. Also a lot of folks are on multiple networks anyway, so it doesn't really matter if the channel is on freenode or libera or hackint...

@AgreeableLandscape @fribbledom I think if that's what he's hoping for he miscalculated, freenode users aren't some randos that just use whatever's easiest, they're the exact type of people to care intensely about the management of their chat server.

@fribbledom At this point it seems so deranged that I'm starting to think it's some elaborate conspiracy, coordinated from both sides, to move everything to a new infra desperately to dodge a backdoor of some sort. It's completely nuts.

@fribbledom I'd actually been initially cautiously.. not /hopeful/, but willing to see what the guy might come up with, given it wouldn't be a bad thing to see IRC gain more public recognition beyond the geek community. But wow, it didn't take long for his real intent to be felt, between actions like this, and going full frozen peach.

freenode vs the world 

@fribbledom Wow.

"Actually, it's somewhat worse than the headline mentions. It seems that the script targets channels that merely mention Libera in the topic. The topic of an affected channel I was in said: "See also #foo on" (as we hadn't decided whether or not to move). And everyone in the channel was banned from both the #foo and the ##foo channels on Freenode.

Needless to say, Freenode kindly decided for us whether or not we should move to Libera for good."

@fribbledom In before this gets automated and never gets published to clients.

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