Sadly, it happens a lot more than most people assume. I don't think this is a first by any means.

@fribbledom humanity has a massive trash problem. From the deepest oceans to the high orbit, our garbage is literally everywhere.

@fribbledom I am worried that this might happen more and more often with the thousands of #SpaceX #Starlink satellites getting deployed over the coming years.

@fribbledom I wonder how the crew feel when out on spacewalks, knowing that a stray space bullet can hit them at any time.

@samgai @fribbledom Are they even significantly safer when they're inside? I imagine the space station walls offer very little in the way of armour

@samgai @fribbledom that’s terrifying now that I consider it

Do astronauts have any kind of protection from that or would it just punch straight through them

@fribbledom was bound to happen. However, the title is click batey.

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